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Conserva tu teléfono. Cámbiate a T-Mobile. Ahorra hasta 50%.

11 de junio de 2020


T-Mobile está simplificando el proceso para cambiarte de proveedor. Ahora con Cámbiate y quédatelo, las familias de AT&T y Verizon pueden cambiarse a T-Mobile, conservar sus teléfonos y obtener descuentos de hasta la mitad de precio en pagos de servicio móvil y teléfonos.

Por qué es importante:

Families are watching every penny these days. According to new data from HarrisX, the average four-line family at AT&T or Verizon pays over $240 per month for service and phones on their wireless bill. Now, those families can cut that nearly in half by switching to T-Mobile.

Para quiénes es importante:

People who want the best value AND a great network. Y punto.

BELLEVUE, Washington — June 11, 2020 — T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is launching “Keep & Switch” — a new way to give AT&T and Verizon customers more flexibility, more money in their pockets and less hassle. With Keep & Switch, you keep your existing phones and T-Mobile pays what you owe AT&T or Verizon on them, up to $450. Plus, right now, the third line is free on T-Mobile Essentials, so your family can save up to half off wireless service and phone payments on your AT&T or Verizon wireless bill when you Keep & Switch.

AT&T and Verizon customers stay with the Carriers because it's just easier than paying off devices or trading in perfectly good phones to switch. With Keep & Switch, say goodbye to giving up the phones you love, transferring all your data and photos and contacts … and hoping all that Candy Crush progress transfers with you. And say hello to serious savings, a company obsessed with customer experience and a network that covers 99% of Americans.

"The Carriers are still focused on making sure customers don't leave, instead of making sure they want to stay. At the Un-carrier, we're focused on being the company you want to stay with, not the one you're stuck with," said Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile. "And, saving money is important. T-Mobile is helping customers keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets, where it belongs."

Math is Hard, Switching Shouldn’t Be

Now, switching to T-Mobile means families can save up to half off wireless service and phone payments. Here’s the math. New data from HarrisX* shows the average family with four lines at AT&T and Verizon pays over $240 per month for wireless service and phone payments. With Keep & Switch, that family would pay just $105 per month (plus taxes and fees) with four lines on T-Mobile Essentials when T-Mobile pays off their eligible devices – up to $450 each, via virtual prepaid Mastercard cards. And, for a limited time, get a third line FREE on T-Mobile Essentials with unlimited talk, text and smartphone data, free stuff weekly from T-Mobile Tuesdays, free scam protection to fight robocalls and the best customer care in wireless with a dedicated Team of Experts.

Starting today, just go online, call, or head to a T-Mobile store to make the switch.

Save 50% analysis based on T-Mobile’s comparison of HarrisX data to Essentials with 3rd line free plus financed device payoff; rate plan features, taxes/fees, and savings may vary. See for details. Ofertas por tiempo limitado; sujetas a cambio. Phone payoff: Qualifying unlocked device, credit, service, port-in, 90+ days with device & timely redemption required. Normalmente, la tarjeta demora 15 días. No se puede retirar efectivo y vence en 6 meses. Card issued by Sunrise Bank N.A., Member FDIC. 3rd line Free via monthly bill credits. For existing single-line or new Essentials customers with qualifying credit. Los créditos pueden demorar hasta 2 ciclos de facturación y cesarán si se cancela alguna línea.

*Average bill based on HarrisX analysis of four-smartphone-line Verizon and AT&T bills. Estimated monthly bill for an average family with four smartphone lines on an AT&T or Verizon plan is calculated using data on cost of service, discounts, equipment charges, overage charges, and taxes and fees from HarrisX Billing Snapshots. The estimated monthly bill amount does not include one-time charges, international call and text charges, visual voicemail charges, and insurance charges. Billing Snapshots coverage includes AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint postpaid, non-corporate liable, and 18+ consumers that have access to their wireless billing information and data. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are based on the average available taxes and fees associated with and not included in the base price of wireless plans with smartphones, which can include multiple lines, for each billing period from August 2019 to February 2020, with the data collected from October 2019 to March 2020. Taxes and fees include, but are not limited to the following items: Administrative Fee, Universal Service Charge, Regulatory Charge, 911 Fee, Sales Tax, Gross Receipts, and Other Taxes and Fees. Billing Snapshots data is tabulated and reported on a monthly basis based on a representative demographic sample of approximately 3,000 respondents per wave, reflecting the "most recent, completed bill" of the respondent at time of collection. Reported taxes, fees and surcharges may vary based on geography, plan type and number of lines in the plan. 

Acerca de T-Mobile

T‑Mobile US Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) es El Un‑carrier superpoderoso de Estados Unidos con una red 4G LTE avanzada y una transformativa red 5G nacional que ofrecerá una conectividad confiable para todos. Los clientes de T‑Mobile reciben una calidad inigualable por su dinero, una firme obsesión por ofrecerles la mejor experiencia de servicio posible y un dinamismo indiscutible para disrumpir el mercado y así crear competencia e innovación más allá del ámbito del servicio móvil. Con sede en Bellevue, Washington, T‑Mobile presta servicios a través de sus subsidiarias y opera sus marcas emblemáticas, T‑Mobile, Metro by T‑Mobile y Sprint. Para obtener más información, visita:

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