John Legere presenta el desafío de $1.5 millones #CleanUpWireless

30 de enero de 2018

Yesterday, T-Mobile committed to 100% renewable energy by 2021, but that wasn’t good enough for our CEO and president John Legere.  Today, John is throwing down the gauntlet and kicked off the #CleanUpWireless Challenge. To start, we are committing $500,000 to a non-profit dedicated to advancing clean energy initiatives. If one of AT&T or Verizon join us in our commitment by June 1st, we’ll double the total to $1 million. And if both join us? We’ll triple it! That’s $1.5 million dedicated to push forward clean energy.

After all, that’s what T-Mobile does: Change Wireless for Good!

While the duopoly may not listen to us, they might listen to the will of the people. We’re asking everyone with a passion for clean energy and a healthy planet to make their voice heard.

  • Go to the Green America “Hang Up on Fossil Fuels” campaign page and let Randall @ AT&T and Lowell @ Verizon know that they should match T-Mobile’s commitment.  
  • Flood the @AT&T and @Verizon social media accounts with demands that they join T-Mobile to #CleanUpWireless  

Changing wireless for the good goes beyond abolishing long-held industry norms like overage penalties, exorbitant international data roaming and ever-increasing taxes & fees. It’s about changing all of wireless. To make real, impactful change, we need the wireless industry to join our commitment and that starts with the Duopoly.

John Legere quotes:

  • “Our mission is changing wireless for good – ALL of wireless.”
  • “We’re going to drag the other guys kicking and screaming into the clean power future… like we have with every other major change in wireless over the last five years.”
  • “You know they love to ignore me, but they can’t ignore the powerful masses!”
  • “If we get loud enough, we may actually be able to force the Duopoly to do something good…Something that benefits more than just their wallets – something that future generations can thank us for.”

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