T-Mobile les da a todos los miembros de la familia un Samsung Galaxy GRATIS #micdrop

11 de julio de 2016

While the carriers increase prices, the Un-carrier gives families a break with its BEST. DEAL. EVER. Families of four can get 6 Gigs each for just $30 per line, and get Samsung Galaxy phones FREE!

Bellevue, Washington — July 12, 2016 —Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) proved once again why it’s the Un-carrier, giving everyone a huge financial break from the carriers’ higher and higher wireless prices. Starting tomorrow July 13, the Un-carrier is kicking off its biggest and best deal ever. Every existing or new Simple Choice customer who gets 6GB or 10GB can walk away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy smartphone on us. Yea, you heard that right. A new Samsung Galaxy smartphone for everyone in the family on us – up to 12 people and 12 smartphones!

Plus, with this epic deal, families can get 4 lines with up to 6GB of LTE data per line - 24GB total - for just $30 a line per month. Adding a line is just $20 more per month. And, absolutely everyone in the family can get a brand new Samsung Galaxy On5 - which normally sells for $140 - after monthly service credits during 24-month no-cost finance agreement. That means, you'll see a credit for the cost of the free phone on your monthly wireless bill, and after 24 months, you'll have paid nothing for the phone, except sales tax, and will owe nothing more.

Data-hungry families also can get up to 10 gigs of high-speed data per line for just $40 a line for the first four people in the family, and just $30 for everyone else. Plus, everyone can get a Samsung Galaxy J7 per line on us, which normally sells for $240. And, those gigs go even further on the Un-carrier network, since the kids will be able to stream all the music and video they want from their favorite services without burning their high-speed data with Binge On and Music Freedom and roll forward any unused data for use up to a full year later with Data Stash, up to 20GB per line.

“This is our best deal ever – a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone on us! And this is a lifeline for the carriers’ long-abused customers, who have got to be sick of the rate hikes, the restrictions and the carrier BS,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile US. “We’ve found a better way to do wireless at the Un-carrier. That’s why T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied wireless customers in America!”

The new deal comes at just the right time for families facing higher wireless costs and preparing to send kids back to school. Parents know mobile Internet access is increasingly critical for kids to be successful in school, so they’re devoting a growing percentage of their back-to-school budgets to tech essentials. In fact, according to a new Rubicon Project study, tech purchases make up the single largest budget category for back-to-school spending, which averages $917 per child and a full $1,300 for kids heading to college. This year, families with K-12 kids will spend over 50% of their back-to-school budgets on tech essentials alone.

Of course, Un-carrier customers are used to getting more without being asked to pay more. More freedom from overages and bill shock. More freedom to upgrade when you want. Unlimited streaming video and music. Data you can roll forward at the end of each month. Freedom to use your phone abroad. And, of course, all that on America's fastest 4G LTE network.

T-Mobile’s epic summer back-to-school offer will be available for a limited time starting July 13 by phone at 1.877.413.5903, online at www.t-mobile.com/offer/unlimited-data-story.html and in T-Mobile stores nationwide.

Via bill credits over 24 mos w/ qualifying rate plan on all lines. Si se cancela el servicio móvil, se deberá pagar el saldo restante sobre el precio total.

Se requiere buena calificación de crédito. Oferta por tiempo limitado; sujeta a cambio. Hasta agotar existencias. Impuestos y cargos adicionales; impuesto sobre el precio total al momento de la venta. Qualifying credit, new finance agreements, postpaid service of 6GB+ (for On5) or 10 GB+ (J7) on all lines required. Todas las líneas deben estar activas y al corriente cuando se aplique el crédito. El video detectable generalmente se reproduce en calidad de DVD (480p o mejor) con Binge On, salvo que el proveedor de video se excluya. Puedes desactivar Binge On en cualquier momento, pero perderás los beneficios de Binge On.

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