El módulo H24 HSPA de Motorola s agrega a la cartera de soluciones M2M 3G de T-Mobile

05 de octubre de 2009

Motorola’s H24 HSPA series of modules featuring an embedded SIM and enhanced uplink/downlink capabilities is now available on the new T-Mobile AWS 1700MHz

Bellevue, Wash. — Oct. 6, 2009

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that Motorola's H24 HSPA Module is certified for operation on T-Mobile USA's 3G network, and is now part of T-Mobile's M2M solutions portfolio. Motorola's H24 series is designed for high-speed HSUPA/HSDPA connectivity, and includes embedded SIM technology to help withstand challenging environment factors like temperature, humidity and motion to deliver reliable wireless connectivity.

The H24 HSPA series is part of Motorola’s Modules+ portfolio, offering customers enhanced M2M solutions. Motorola Modules+ present a wide set of features that are designed and customized for the specific needs of the M2M market. Together with a unified form factor across technologies, allowing a single design solution for a "zero time, zero effort" integration, Motorola Modules+ are an optimal offer for a fast and efficient time to market, an accelerating ROI and for preserving long-term life expectancy of a deployed solution.


With key features such as embedded SIM, wide temperature range of -30°c to +85°c, RX diversity for optimal receiver performance, reduced latency that facilitates deployment of near real-time applications, and Internal GPS and FOTA support, the H24 series enables true mobile broadband connectivity for next generation M2M solutions such as automotive infotainment, fixed-wireless terminals, smart grid and advanced security systems.


"T-Mobile has teamed up with Motorola to offer one of the most innovative solutions for companies looking for 3G broadband connectivity to its M2M devices," said John Horn, national director of M2M, T-Mobile USA. "Motorola's HSPA module and its embedded SIM feature allow us to provide a trusted solution for 'always-connected' services that help companies achieve utmost operational control and return on investment goals."


Dennis Kelly, director, North America Sales, Motorola M2M Wireless Modules, said, "Motorola is proud to provide T-Mobile with a state-of-the-art HSPA module, part of its Modules+ enhanced M2M solutions. Motorola's H24 with embedded SIM technology, offers a customized support of T-Mobile's AWS 1700MHz band and extends T-Mobile's embedded SIM solutions portfolio for its rapidly growing M2M customer base. T-Mobile is a dedicated M2M operator, allowing integrators to benefit from a complete bundle of M2M services. We at Motorola are pleased to collaborate with T-Mobile to make a simple, fast and reliable M2M solution a reality."


For more information, please e-mail M2Minfo@t-mobile.com.

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