New York’s Nassau County Selected as Latest Location for New T‑Mobile Customer Experience Center, Will Create Up to 1,000 Local Jobs

14 de noviembre de 2019
New Customer Experience Center, identified in close collaboration with Office of Nassau County Executive, is fourth of five announced CECs that will support New T-Mobile customers after proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger closes
Location for new Customer Experience Center, identified in close collaboration with Office of Nassau County Executive, is fourth of five announced CECs that will support New T-Mobile customers after proposed T-Mobile and Sprint merger closes

T-Mobile US (NASDAQ: TMUS) and Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) today announced that, following the completion of their proposed merger to create the New T-Mobile, the company will locate its fourth of five planned Customer Experience Centers (CEC) in New York's Nassau County. The state-of-the-art customer support facility will create up to 1,000 direct local jobs with great wages and benefits and provide personalized support to customers through T-Mobile's innovative Team of Experts (TEX) service model. Buildout of the site is also expected to create additional indirect jobs in areas such as construction.

T-Mobile has committed to using union tradespeople for construction of the two announced New T-Mobile CECs that will be located in New York, pending the merger's close. The company has pledged to work with the Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau & Suffolk Counties to ensure a Project Labor Agreement is in place for the CECs, including the Nassau County site. Additionally, T-Mobile has also committed that no tax incentives from government or economic development entities will be used to operate this facility.

Nassau County joins three previously-announced New T-Mobile CEC locations: Overland Park, Kansas, Rochester, New York, and Kingsburg, California. Each will bring top-notch customer care to New T-Mobile customers through T-Mobile's award-winning Team of Experts (TEX) approach. With TEX, T-Mobile delivers personalized support to all of the company's customers nationwide through dedicated teams that are committed to ensuring the success of every customer relationship. Customers have direct access to specialists focused on addressing their issues when they call or message for assistance. The specialists can also work with local retail and engineering teams to address a wide variety of topics and tackle complex challenges. TEX teams typically serve customers primarily based in their broader geographic area.

The development of the state-of-the-art CECs is core to the New T-Mobile's plan to put customers first and bring jobs to communities. These investments, together with plans to expand two existing T-Mobile Customer Experience Centers, will create up to 5,600 additional American jobs by 2021. Las compañías combinadas tendrán 7,500 más profesionales de Servicio al Cliente en 2024 de los que habrían empleado en forma separada.

"We love the Empire State and Nassau County is a great spot for our next New T-Mobile Customer Experience Center! T-Mobile's commitment to truly taking care of customers will only get supercharged with the New T-Mobile and our Team of Experts approach is all about making personal connections. That starts with great people - and some of the best are in Long Island! Once this merger closes, we know Long Islanders will bring an incredible work ethic, a commitment to innovation, and amazing energy to taking care of our customers and we can't wait to welcome them to the team!" said T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

"The New T-Mobile's investment in Nassau County exemplifies the type of corporate economic activity we hope to attract. The CEC project will provide a meaningful economic boost for our community - creating up to 1,000 new and exciting job opportunities, while generating significant tax revenue and increasing innovation. I look forward to working alongside our outstanding partners helping our residents build career skills, find employment and succeed in our community to help fill these up to 1,000 T-Mobile positions. We are pleased to collaborate with T-Mobile and look forward to working with the company to bring the benefits of the New T-Mobile to Nassau County's 1.3 million residents," said Laura Curran, Nassau County Executive.

"T-Mobile's strategy to build their latest Customer Experience Center in Nassau County using Union Labor is a signal that they value the importance of what a strong middle class means to the region. Nassau County's success largely depends on companies like T-Mobile with bold business plans. They will be an integral part of the solution to effectively transform the region at a time when the population is growing. The Building and Construction Trades Council is eager to provide our 'Value on Display, Everyday,'" said Matthew Aracich, President of The Building and Construction Trades Council of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

The New T-Mobile's Nassau County customer care employees will join a company that has consistently been featured on national, regional and state "Best Place to Work" lists year after year - nearly 60 national and local workplace awards in 2019, including recognition as a great employer for parents, diversity, women, Hispanics, LGBTQ and more. T-Mobile's care centers were recognized on best place to work lists 22 times in 2018 alone! In addition to great pay, the New T-Mobile's Care team members will be eligible to receive T-Mobile's outstanding benefits, including health coverage, stock grants, college tuition assistance, a childcare subsidy benefit, paid parental leave and adoption/surrogacy benefits. They will also have opportunities for career development and management preparation.

Los nuevos centros de experiencia al cliente son solo una de las maneras en que la Nueva T-Mobile invertirá miles de millones de dólares en la creación de empleos e infraestructura en los Estados Unidos. Sprint y T-Mobile en conjunto emplearán a más personas en los Estados Unidos que las dos compañías por separado. Otras inversiones incluyen la construcción de una red 5G nacional líder en la industria, que permite más competencia y nuevas opciones a clientes como banda ancha y la apertura de nuevas tiendas a una base de clientes en expansión.

The completion of the combination remains subject to regulatory approvals and certain other customary closing conditions. Additional information can be found at: New T-Mobile.

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