¿Preocupado por las actividades de tus chicos en Internet? Presentamos FamilyMode™ de T-Mobile, el aliado digital que los padres necesitan

25 de junio de 2018

En una época en la que los chicos pasan un promedio de 19 horas a la semana en sus dispositivos conectados, los padres necesitan una forma sencilla de controlar, administrar y monitorear sus actividades en Internet. FamilyMode de T-Mobile al rescate.

Parenting in the digital age is a huge challenge, but finally…there’s real help on the way. Today, the Un-carrier unveiled T-Mobile FamilyMode – a comprehensive digital solution that gives parents control over their kids’ online activities and screen time… on their phones and across the connected devices in their homes. Available June 29, T-Mobile FamilyMode is an app and device combo -- the app gives you control over your kids’ phones and T-Mobile FamilyMode Home Base connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, giving you the control you need over your other connected screens.

While the carriers’ solutions only cover the devices connected to their networks, T-Mobile FamilyMode lets you manage, monitor, filter and set time limits for your kids’ phones, tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, smart TVs and the other Wi-Fi-connected devices in your home… and it’s just $20 out of pocket for the device and $10/mo for the T-Mobile FamilyMode app!

"Today's parents face issues that simply didn't exist 50 years ago - are their kids safe online? What sites are they visiting? Are they spending too much time on social media? What the hell is Fortnite? These are questions that parents of my generation didn't have to answer," said John Legere, CEO at T-Mobile. "The typical U.S. household has five connected devices - so why do the carriers' solutions only give you control over phones and tablets? The Duopoly's parental controls are like a blanket that doesn't cover your feet. T-Mobile FamilyMode is true digital peace of mind in your pocket."

American kids get their first phone at 10.3 years old, and parents estimate that their kids spend an average of 19 hours per week across their connected devices. But with each new screen comes additional concerns for parents -- 68% feel a lack of control over their kids' online habits and 71% worry about kids' screen time.


With T-Mobile FamilyMode, you can:

  • Set daily internet limits on apps or platforms – Only give your child online access between 7pm and 8pm on school nights, for example. Or set a half hour screen time for Netflix to watch on your teen’s TV. You can even set bedtimes for each kid – now they’ve only got online access until a certain time of night.
  • Choose which platforms, sites and apps to allow on phones and tablets – Younger kids not ready for social media? Turn off their access with one tap. Or pick and choose sites and apps to restrict – one kid’s ready for YouTube but another’s not? Control is in your hands.
  • Instantly pause and resume mobile internet access – Asked the kids to do the dishes twice already, but the sink’s still full? Pause their devices easily! Last of the plates squarely put away in the cupboard? Resume! 
  • Filter out inappropriate content – Use customizable filters to allow or deny online access to certain sites and phone or tablet apps for each of your kids, like educational apps or Minecraft for the younger kids…Twitch and Steam for the older ones.
  • Reward your kids with bonus screen time – Kiddo snagged an A on their essay and didn’t complain about meatloaf night? Go ahead, give ‘em a little more time on their gaming console for Fortnite with a quick tap.
  • See where your kids spend their time online – See which apps and sites your kids use and even their internet search history.
  • Know where your kids are -- With real-time location information, you’ve got peace of mind because you can check in on where your kids are as long as they have their phone…anytime, from virtually anywhere.

T-Mobile FamilyMode – The Comprehensive Solution

The carriers' so-called parental controls aren't even in the same arena as T-Mobile FamilyMode. The Duopoly's family controls won't allow you to set time limits for specific apps, sites and platforms. None of the carriers' solutions give you the level of detail T-Mobile does about your kids' web, app and platform usage. None tell you how much time your kids spend online per app and category - like social media or gaming. And of course, none cover your kids' Xbox, smart TVs, computers and other Wi-Fi devices. Only T-Mobile FamilyMode has you covered.

Obtén la app FamilyMode de T-Mobile

Beginning June 29, sign up for T-Mobile FamilyMode in T-Mobile retail stores, online or by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE. Then, just download the T-Mobile FamilyMode app from the app store on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet! The T-Mobile FamilyMode app is just $10/month for all T-Mobile customers on a qualifying T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice plan, and for business customers with 12 lines or less.

La aplicación FamilyMode de T-Mobile es compatible con iPhones con iOS 9.3.4 o posterior o dispositivos Android versión 5 o posterior y puede usarse dentro o fuera del hogar, ya sea que estés conectado a una red Wi-Fi o celular.

Agrega Home Base de FamilyMode de T-Mobile

Y agregar el dispositivo Home Base es sencillo, obtén uno en cualquier tienda T-Mobile o llama al 1-800-T-MOBILE (los clientes actuales pueden marcar 611 desde su teléfono de T-Mobile). Home Base puede ser tuyo a una tarifa promocional de solo $20, ¡un ahorro de $80 sobre el precio sugerido por tiempo limitado!

T-Mobile FamilyMode is developed by the Un-carrier together with Circle Media Labs, Inc., a company creating technology that helps families find balance in today’s digital landscape.

Para obtener más información sobre FamilyMode de T-Mobile, visita https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/t-mobile-family-mode.
Oferta por tiempo limitado, sujeta a cambio. Qualifying T-Mobile plan, App install on all devices, & iOS/Android device req'd. Los filtros tal vez no bloqueen todo el contenido que consideras objetable y no filtrarán el tráfico seguro (HTTPS). Not compatible with DIGITS. Home Base: se requiere un enrutador Wi-Fi compatible. Es posible que la cobertura no esté disponible en algunas áreas. La información de ubicación suministrada es aproximada y puede que no siempre esté disponible. El dispositivo monitoreado debe estar encendido y tener habilitados los servicios de ubicación. Usa FamilyMode como corresponde; se aplican términos de la aplicación. See Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions (including arbitration provision) at T-Mobile.com for additional information. Family Allowances: Blocking may not work over Wi-Fi; may impact ability to use certain services including 911 calls.

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