Magentees de 2018 - Lo mejor y lo peor de 2018

By John LegereDecember 27, 2018

John Legere da premios para lo mejor y lo peor de la industria móvil en 2018

Today, T-Mobile CEO John Legere handed out The Magentees – awards for the best (and by that, we mean worst) carrier shenanigans in 2018.


Introducing #TheMagentees


The Green-ish Award: Verizon


Least Happy Employees Award: Dish


Most Congested Network Award: Verizon


The Asterisk Award: Verizon and AT&T


WTH (What The Hike?) Award: AT&T


Most Ironic Super Bowl Ad: Verizon


Most Hated Industry Award: The Cableopoly


Stay tuned Thursday morning, as John announces his 2019 predictions!