Mobility in Education

By making it easy and affordable for schools to keep students connected, we’re helping make modern mobile education accessible anywhere in the country.

Starting in 2012, T-Mobile worked with the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC) to launch "Innovative Mobility in Education" (IME), a program designed to provide first-generation, low-income, minority students from Chicago's South Side the support they need to graduate from college. By giving each college-bound student a smartphone and free T-Mobile service, GCYC ensures students have access to critical online resources like campus portals and classroom apps. This mobile access also empowers the students with support from family, friends, and GCYC staff, all of whom help them navigate college life and stay on track toward graduation.

After five years, IME is on pace to graduate 52% percent of its college students. That's almost three times the average for low-income students nationwide. Since the program began, GCYC has stayed in touch with over 90% of its high school alumni as they pursue higher education.

IME is a powerful testament to the both effectiveness of mobile access in education, and improving the odds for at-risk youth to succeed in college.