T-Mobile juega en grande en el Super Bowl XLVIII

By Mike SievertFebruary 03, 2014

(Updated February 4, 2014)

T-Mobile's latest Un-carrier move brought "Contract Freedom" to millions of Americans still stuck in contracts. Now, you can ditch the annual service contract, switch to T-Mobile, and we'll pay off your early termination fees. Every last cent.

Americans’ response to this latest game-changing move to breakup with their old carriers has been so fantastic we decided to celebrate by putting some skin in the Big Game – with our first-ever ads made for the Super Bowl. The first two, “No Contract, No Worries” and “Still No Contract”, featured Tim Tebow livin’ the dream and lovin’ life free of long-term service contracts.

And the response to the ads has been beautiful. Tebow's spots - together with a third ad that drove the "Contract Freedom" message home - have already been viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube. And they've generated huge buzz and over 110 million impressions on Facebook and Twitter.

Then there’s been the coverage on ABC’sGood Morning America,NBC’s Today Show, from Hannity on FOX News, and on CNN’s New Day.

As AdAge put it, “These two spots … are on message for the product and for Tebow, who gamely makes light of his own situation as he enjoys life sans contracts.”

And this from The Washington Post, “The best example of spokesperson-brand synergy of the entire game, given T-Mobile’s pledge to buy consumers out of their previous carrier’s contracts. And Tebow is a surprisingly good actor.”  And Forbes cited, “Great humility by Tebow, and great product information by T-Mobile.”

I love it!

It looks like our message has convinced a few high-profile NFL players to ditch the long-term contract, too. Take a look at these tweets showing Brandon Marshall, Rob Gronkowski and Patrick Peterson making the switch to Contract Freedom with T-Mobile.

BTW, if you liked the ads, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video and blooper reel to see what a blast it was filming these with Tim. Great, great guy. 

We also designed a series of five collector’s posters on www.nocontractnoproblem.com. You can personalize and print them – or share with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Crazy. Cracks me up when I see them around the office.

Tim was actively engaged in our social media channels since the spots were revealed, posting his own Tweets as well as receiving more than 600 fan questions during his T-Mobile Twitter takeover on February 3, 2014. As a result, T-Mobile gained 6,000 new followers in the process. I wonder if anyone asked Tim how long it took to grow that killer '70s 'stache for the crazy car-chase scene?

Thanks again for your partnership Tim!