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T-Mobile’s Hot Tips to Prepare for Cold Weather

21 de diciembre de 2023

As winter vibes roll in and freezing temperatures take over many parts of the country, T-Mobile is here to ensure your tech stays resilient and frost-free. AAA expects that over 115 million Americans are headed out for destination holiday this winter, so if your travel plans include colder weather, follow these tips to keep your tech working so you can stay connected all winter long.

Keep It Charged

Charging your phone, smartwatch and other devices in temperatures below 32 degrees can affect the battery by reducing its efficiency, causing slower charging rates and potentially leading to a shorter overall battery lifespan. Before plugging in, ensure your device reaches room temperature for at least 30 minutes. This simple step preserves battery life during the chilly winter months.

Activating your phone's battery-saving mode can also help you get the most out of your device in frosty conditions. For iPhone and many Android users, find this option in your Control Center or Device Controls. Samsung users can access it under Device Care in phone settings.

Bundle Up Devices  

Winter is the season for cozying up, and your device's battery loves warmth too! When heading outside, tuck your device inside your jacket or pants pocket. For quick calls, opt for using ear buds or headphones with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep your phone nicely nestled. This will also help keep it dry while you're building a snowman.

Winterize Your Gear  

Pick up some winter accessories like a thermal pouch or case to help protect your device. While thermal cases excel at temperature protection, they may not be waterproof. If you're expecting snow or ice, consider doubling up with waterproof protection to keep your phone dry.

Travel Tips  

Holiday travel can mean icy roads, making it more important than ever to create and share plans. Share your itinerary, including estimated departure and arrival times, with someone you trust and enable location sharing to help stay safe in unpredictable conditions. It’s also a good idea to winterize your vehicle’s emergency go bag with some seasonal essentials. AAA suggests cold weather tools and gear including a collapsible snow shovel, tire chains and hand warmers.  

How T-Mobile Prepares for Winter Weather  

For over two years now, T-Mobile has added more backup power at more sites than ever before through a 30% increase in network hardening investments to reduce service interruptions. This means there’s more fixed back-up generators at even more towers, cell sites and other critical network locations across the country. 

T-Mobile also added 50% more heavy-duty disaster response satellite vehicles to its ready-to-respond fleet this year. All of this - along with portable generators, refueling trucks, command centers, community support trucks and more - allows T-Mobile's emergency response teams to rapidly restore critical connectivity if the local power grid is hit during a storm.

And while T-Mobile's widespread fleet of generators helps keep hundreds of thousands of people stay connected when most needed, having your own generator at home can bring power and comfort when you need it. Whether you already have one or are looking to secure one this season, follow these tips from our experts to make the most of it safely:

Portable Generator Safety with T-Mobile Emergency Management

For more information on how T-Mobile prepares for and responds to disasters, visit T-Mobile’s Emergency Response Hub.
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