Los servicios de streaming de video hacen fila para unirse a Binge On™ y a la revolución del Un-carrier

08 de enero de 2016

T-Mobile today folds 14 new video streaming services into Binge On, with a long and growing list of
additional services looking to be part of the Un-carrier’s innovative mobile video program

Bellevue, Washington — January 7, 2016 — Less than two months since launch, T-Mobile has announced that more than 50 video streaming services have already lined up to join its new Binge On program. In response to this strong demand, T-Mobile is already expanding Binge On ahead of schedule, adding 14 new services to the program − ranging from A&E, Lifetime and HISTORY Channel to PlayStation™Vue live TV − bringing the new total to 38, and with many more planned in the months ahead.

The Un-carrier also revealed, for the first time, new data on how T-Mobile's customers are responding to Binge On. Since its launch just last November, Un-carrier customers are already watching 12% more video. In fact, one major streaming service alone has seen daily viewers spike 66% among customers not on unlimited plans - with those customers watching 23% longer on average - making Binge On one of the most popular Un-carrier moves ever.

“Tens of millions of Americans are already loving Binge On—and video providers of all shapes and sizes are lining up to be part of this revolution,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “Binge On is the Un-carrier way to satisfy the exploding demand for mobile video. And like always with T-Mobile, our customers are in control. The Duopoly’s answer? Bigger bills and more overages. Your choice!”

Launched just last November, Binge On is powered by proprietary new adaptive video technology built into T-Mobile’s network. As part of the program, customers can stretch their wireless data further, watching video up to three times longer at DVD-quality or better. And customers on qualifying plans can watch unlimited Netflix, HBO, Hulu and others without ever burning their LTE data. New unlimited services added today include A&E, Lifetime, HISTORY, PlayStation Vue, Tennis Channel Everywhere, FuboTV, Kidoodle TV, Curiosity Stream, Fandor, Newsy, ODK Media, Lifetime Movie Club, FYI and others. For a list of all 38 current unlimited services, see t-mobile.com/bingeon.

Since the beginning, Binge On has been free, fair and focused on putting more choice and control in the hands of US wireless customers. As BTIG Research put it in a recent analysis of Binge On, "The consumer benefits from getting billed for less data and the benefit to T-Mobile is better and more cost effective network management…. If a T-Mobile consumer opts out of Binge On, they are no worse off than they were before the promotion was launched…. Why prevent a cost-conscious consumer the ability to use one toggle that will compress all their video and save them money rather than forcing that consumer to look for that toggle switch in each application or browser that they use?"

Beyond that, Binge On has always been completely free and open to any and all legit video streaming services. No money changes hands between T-Mobile and content providers. Anyone can join. In fact, T-Mobile is currently responding to and working with more than 50 additional streaming services eager to be a part of Binge On.

With so many customers − and video services − embracing Binge On, the program has quickly become one of the most wildly popular in a long and still-growing list of Un-carrier moves designed to change US wireless for good, including…

  • Simple Choice™ − started it all by abolishing annual service contracts, limits and overage penalties. Amped up to include coverage & calling across Mexico & Canada, just like in the US—at no extra cost
  • JUMP! On Demand™ − swap your old phone for a new one with no waiting or upgrade fees
  • Simple Global™ − introduced free roaming data and texting and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries & destinations
  • Carrier Freedom − covers your carrier’s ETFs and the balance on your phone up to $650 with trade-in when you switch
  • Music Freedom − listen all you want to most streaming music services without hitting your high-speed data
  • Wi-Fi Unleashed − introduced coverage beyond the reach of cellular-only networks & personal coverage for home and office
  • Data Stash™ − those who buy extra LTE data can roll unused data forward − up to 20GB − for up to a full year
  • Business Unleashed − brought 100% transparent, simple flat-rate pricing and other Un-carrier benefits to US business
  • Binge On™ − watch up to 3x longer on any video & watch all you want from partner services without burning your LTE data

Binge On ofrece streaming de video con calidad de DVD (480p o mejor). Video on included services doesn’t count against data on qualifying plans while on our network. 3rd party subscription charges may apply.
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