Tribunal federal decide que AT&T estaba infringiendo los derechos de marca comercial del color magenta de T-Mobile y ordena que deje de hacerlo

07 de febrero de 2014

A federal court has halted AT&T's transparent effort to infringe on T-Mobile's distinctive magenta trademark. T-Mobile [U.S. Inc.] is very pleased that the federal court in Texas has ordered Aio Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T, to stop infringing T-Mobile's magenta trademark. The court agreed with us that Aio can't continue infringing T-Mobile's magenta mark by using large blocks of what it has called "plum," and told Aio to stop using magenta or similar colors in all of its marketing and advertising, including stores, web sites and social media. The Court's ruling, coming after extensive argument and a three-day hearing, validates T-Mobile's position that wireless customers identify T-Mobile with magenta and that T-Mobile's use of magenta is protected by trademark law.

The complete ruling is available on the court's docket, T-Mobile US, Inc. v. Aio Wireless LLC, Case No. H-13-2478 (S.D. TX).