T-Mobile actualiza SyncUP FLEET para ayudar a las empresas a cumplir con el nuevo mandato federal de seguridad

07 de diciembre de 2017

For a limited time, get a SyncUP FLEET device on us for every line you activate!

Bellevue, Washington — December 6, 2017 — The countdown is on – starting December 18, a new federal “Hours of Service” (HOS) regulation will require an estimated two million commercial motor vehicle operators to measure and report their time on the road using an Electronic Logging Device (ELD). Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) added a new Hours of Service feature to SyncUP FLEET and announced the Un-carrier’s latest IoT product is now certified as an ELD by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to help businesses comply with the new regulation. Plus, for a limited time, for every SyncUP FLEET line you activate, you’ll get a SyncUP Fleet device at no cost, via 24 monthly bill credits ($72 retail value per device).

“Complying with this new regulation is expected to cost businesses almost a billion dollars every year, but the Un-carrier is making it easier and more affordable with SyncUP FLEET,” said Mike Sievert, Chief Operating Officer for T-Mobile. “This is yet another way the Un-carrier is taking on the Internet of Things … with an unstoppable nationwide network and a family of incredibly popular T-Mobile-branded IoT products.”

Every year, commercial drivers in the U.S. cover more than 140 billion miles on the road, with many still tracking their miles by hand. The new HOS regulation aims to increase road safety by limiting how long commercial vehicle operators can drive in one stretch and specifying mandatory breaks, time off and duty cycles.

SyncUP FLEET now makes it easier for drivers to log all those miles, automatically recording them in a digital logbook in the SyncUP FLEET cloud. Managers can then use that info to improve efficiencies and cut costs.

In addition to giving businesses the data they need to comply with the HOS mandate, SyncUP FLEET can help businesses:

  • Save Time: Fleet managers can quickly get a bird’s eye view of their entire fleet of vehicles and make decisions with reports on traffic delays, delivery arrival times, driver time in location, and more.
  • Cut Costs: Businesses can help cut fuel consumption by analyzing driver routes and idle time, while regular vehicle maintenance notifications can help prevent costly repairs with scheduled reports, emails or alerts.
  • Increase Driver Productivity: Customers can track the location of their vehicles to improve driver productivity and improve driving habits with regular risk and safety reports.

SyncUP FLEET is the second product in T-Mobile’s SyncUP family and was designed to deliver low-cost fleet management for businesses of all sizes – all without the carriers’ sticky annual service contracts.

SyncUP FLEET is regularly just $3 per month on T-Mobile's interest-free 24-month equipment installment plan (EIP) with a $15 per month service plan per vehicle, but for a limited time, get a free SyncUP FLEET device for every line you activate. And through the end of March 2018, the HOS feature is included at no cost as well. Starting April 1, 2018, the HOS feature will be $5 per month per vehicle.

Customers can add the HOS feature today on their My SyncUP FLEET portal. For more information about SyncUP FLEET, please call your T-Mobile for Business account representative at 1-844-4AT-WORK or visit https://business.t-mobile.com/devices/t-mobile-syncup-fleet.

Ofertas por tiempo limitado; sujetas a cambio. SyncUP FLEET: If you cancel wireless service remaining balance becomes due. Equipment Installment Plan: 0% APR. Plus tax. Precios de los teléfonos para clientes elegibles. Se requiere un servicio elegible. Se requiere dispositivo y aplicación/plataforma web con capacidad para ciertas funciones. FLEET Service: Credit approval, deposit, and $25 SIM Starter Kit may be required. Los impuestos y cargos son adicionales. Datos ilimitados a 512 kbps. Durante períodos de congestión, la pequeña fracción de clientes que usen >50GB/mes pueden notar velocidades reducidas debido a la priorización de datos. HOS feature free until April 1, 2018, and then cost will automatically rise to $5 per month per FLEET device activated with HOS unless you disable HOS tracking in the admin console.
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