Momentos móviles: The Jonas Brothers nos cuentan sobre sus propósitos para el Año Nuevo, sus sueños para 5G y sus secretos para ser felices

By Jason Adams, T-Mobile StoriesDecember 20, 2019

Los Jonas Brothers participan en una charla de "Momentos móviles" con T-Mobile para hablar sobre sus influencias, inspiraciones y cómo los dispositivos juegan un papel en su vida cotidiana. Y su nuevo némesis Diplo.

Having just wrapped their 64-date U.S. “Happiness Begins Tour,” where T-Mobile customers scored the very best, stage-front Reserved Tickets (even to last-minute or sold-out stops!), the Jonas Brothers — also known by their first names Nick, Joe and Kevin (if you’re a fan, and you probably are) — sit for a “Mobile Moments” chat, where we talk to creators to learn about their influences, inspirations and how their devices play a role in their day-to-day lives. Here, the Brothers open up about everything from mending old wounds to New Year’s resolutions, even offering a little dis at new nemesis Diplo.


You just wrapped your “Happiness Begins Tour.” We know you’ve made a lot of T-Mobile customers and fans happy with our partnership together. What have been some of the biggest highlights for you?
Joe: I would say the Hollywood Bowl was really special. We got to play that twice, and MSG [Madison Square Garden] is always a huge highlight for us.

You guys are all active on social media. How do you use your mobile devices day to day? Do they serve a different need/function while on tour?
Kevin: I think mobile devices every single day on tour just helps you stay connected to the people that are not always there. Everyone in our lives are pretty busy. You know, my family’s in New Jersey sometimes, so making sure I can FaceTime them, hang out with them, talk to them.

How big of a role do your mobile phones play in staying connected with your wives and kids while on tour?
Nick: I think that anytime you can make a very big world a smaller place, that’s a good thing. Your mobile device does a good job of that and we move around quite a bit and we’re all over the world, different times, so to know that we can have that constant and that foundation with people that we love, people that are closest to us, is a nice thing and helps us make life on the road a little easier.

Do you have certain apps that are lifesavers?
Joe: My favorite app is Headspace. It’s a meditation app. I use it every day. That’s a good one. I suggest it. That, and Postmates.

Kevin: That's a good one. [Gestures towards Joe] Postmates.

Nick: [Gestures for answer] Kev?

Kevin: I actually have this awesome app called Caribou that I like to use with my children. We can read books and talk to each other through it while we’re doing it. Es increíble.

Nick: Sports updates on apps. I’ve got a few different ones that I use. ESPN, PGA Live. Those are all helpful.

Joe: Saucey is a great app. And the LimeBike app.

There's a lot of chatter about the 5G future that's starting to unfurl. As tech-savvy, boundary-pushing artists, how do you feel about 5G?
Joe: 5G is very important. The faster it gets, the better our life is. So hook us up!

Your new Christmas song "Like It's Christmas" is also bringing people a lot of happiness. How did you decide to release another one after all these years?
Nick: I think that we’ve always dreamed of having one of those songs during the holiday season that becomes a staple in people's lives and we teamed up with some people that really helped us make that dream come to life with “Like It’s Christmas,” and we hope that the tradition continues each season with the song coming into their life and creating new memories every year.

You really laid bare your differences and family and career struggles in your incredibly revealing and compelling Amazon documentary Chasing Happiness. Was chronicling the past so honestly essential to moving forward together again?
Kevin: I think being able to revisit our past and walk through that and especially the years that we were dealing with things that we hadn’t really confronted with each other, it was extremely important to go through, and the fact that we had cameras there was magical and also emotional and just happy we got to the other side and landed where we are right here.

You’ve received a Grammy nomination for “Sucker,” which started off with a good omen earlier this year when it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, along with Happiness Begins debuting atop the album chart. What are your feelings/hopes about winning next month?
Joe: Well, we are just so honored that we are recognized by the Academy of Film and Television... [Obviously kidding] We are so unbelievably happy to be nominated for a Grammy 10 years later. It really feels surreal and we worked really hard on this album. We’re really proud of it, and to be recognized for that, it means a lot to us, so thank you everyone.

Speaking of which: After a magical year of overcoming the past and with all the success that has come with that, do you have any New Year’s resolutions for 2020 that you’d care to share?
Nick: I think the New Year’s resolution for 2020 for me is just to find some time to do some traveling outside of work and have some downtime as well as the fun we have on the road. But we’ve spent quite a bit of time this year away from home, so coming back and getting some time to sort of nest will be nice.

Joe: I’m stealing his answer.

Kevin: Same.

"Happiness" has been the central theme to your album, tour and documentary this year. Have you finally caught up with it?
Kevin: I think happiness is something you’re always chasing in your daily life. But in our current state, I think we are pretty happy. It’s pretty awesome. Let the happiness continue.

By the way, do you have any tips on how to protect our Instagram account from being hacked by Diplo?
Joe: Well, Diplo is out to hack you, so be very careful. Don’t be friends with him.

Kevin: [Nods] That’s the first thing.