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T-Mobile Expands Advertising Solutions Business with New Products and Partnerships

30 de abril de 2024

With an omnichannel offering, T-Mobile Advertising Solutions transforms the way brands reach their target audience, giving advertisers a next-level way to engage with consumers

BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 30, 2024 —Today, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) announced the expansion of T-Mobile Advertising Solutions during its first-ever presentation at IAB NewFronts. The expansion includes exclusive owned and operated inventory — including an in-store Retail Media Network (RMN) with more than 20,000 screens across T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile retail locations nationwide — plus mobile inventory through its T Life app that reaches more than 7 million engaged customers. Additionally, T-Mobile is adding Plex — a global streaming media company — as a connected TV (CTV) partner to expand inventory for advertisers and innovate on the connection between mobile and CTV.

"T-Mobile has a simple mission: Be the best in the world at connecting customers to their world," said JP Colaco, SVP and Chief T-Ads Officer, T-Mobile. "T-Mobile Advertising Solutions has the unique opportunity to propel the industry forward, delivering more personalized, customer-centric advertising driving higher engagement and superior outcomes for marketers."

Currently, the advertising industry is facing a perfect storm. Consumers see several thousand more ads than they did two decades ago, yet 80% of U.S. adults still say they receive ads that are not relevant. And with cookies going away, getting the right ad to the right person at the right time is only getting harder.

Enter T-Mobile. As one of the nation's biggest advertisers, T-Mobile is intimately aware of these pain points and in a unique position to change the tide with products built by marketers for marketers. T-Mobile can execute an omnichannel approach where virtually every screen, every interaction, can become a chance for a genuine connection between a brand and a consumer.

Reaching 240M+ Consumers Across Screens

T-Mobile has built a multichannel offering that can help advertisers reach audiences almost anywhere with relevant ads, thanks to a powerful suite of digital out of home (DOOH), mobile and CTV offerings. Here's what's new:

  • T-Mobile’s in-store RMN will give advertisers unprecedented access and reach. Brands will be able to target more than 20,000 screens in more than 11,000 T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile retail locations nationwide. That’s just the first step as T-Mobile is also committed to expanding its RMN to other retailers. Combining DOOH solutions like the RMN with T-Mobile's growing rideshare solutions, the reach for advertisers is 58 million per month!
  • T-Mobile is adding streaming media company, Plex, as a new partner to expand CTV reach. Plex combines free, ad-supported TV with ad-supported video on demand to reach more than 22 million monthly active users globally. Advertisers can leverage T-Ads insights and audience data to bring relevant ads to those customers on Plex while they enjoy a specialized T-Mobile experience – think tailored free content like movies, binge-able series, news, and more!
  • Exclusive access to T-Mobile Tuesdays. By enabling brands to advertise through T-Mobile's much-loved loyalty program through the T Life app, there’s an opportunity to boost conversions by directly reaching over 7 million monthly T-Mobile customers with amazing deals and perks!

Powering Targeted, Relevant Ads

Thanks to T-Mobile's Magenta Advertising Platform, advertisers have the tools they need to drive better outcomes and connect with the right audience on the right screen in a cookie-less world. The platform is built to deliver interest-based audience profiles - like fitness enthusiasts or coffee connoisseurs - using insights from T-Mobile's privacy-safe, first-party data. T-Mobile aggregates app ownership and app engagement data into anonymized audience segments that help advertisers gather insights, deploy campaigns and measure impact. It's all done with a privacy-first approach to ensure trust and brand safety. T-Mobile's relationship with customers is consent-based, privacy-first and respect-driven. Customers have control over their data and can opt-out of T-Mobile's targeted advertising program at any time using T-Mobile's Privacy Dashboard.

Powerful Results

Already T-Mobile Advertising Solutions is delivering powerful results. A food delivery app tapped into T-Mobile's first-party audience data to deliver incremental audiences within an omnichannel video campaign. To extend the life of their Super Bowl commercial, the food delivery app wanted to leverage CTV and online video. Not only did T-Mobile Advertising Solutions identify new audiences, it reached 852,000 incremental new households and achieved an 18.6% increase in brand consideration. In addition, there was a 23% lift in app re-engagement among inactive users after an ad exposure. But that's not all. The food delivery app also saw a 6% incremental install rate from this campaign meaning new users were captured directly via the media spend. Now that's a win when marketers are in a constant battle for consumer attention.

For more information on how brands can give their audiences a better advertising experience, visit https://www.t-mobile.com/advertising-solutions.

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