See Why We Are Proud to Be (Updated 6/20)

By T-Mobile StoriesJune 01, 2023

Two years ago, for Pride Month, T-Mobile helped spread the word of a small community photo project titled "Proud to Be" created by one of its frontline employees. With the need for inclusivity and understanding never more important, the project is once again being embraced by a company that truly believes we are all stronger together. Take a look!

T-Mobile employees are showing what they're proud to be as part of a now companywide community photography project started at a Customer Experience Center in 2018.

In 2021, T-Mobile Stories introduced you to Joe Richards, the employee and artist behind a companywide community photo project entitled “Proud to Be,” which invited employees to visually showcase who they are and how they are embracing that identity during Pride Month.

In a video interview, Joe explained why he first created the participatory photo project six years ago at the Charleston Customer Experience Center where he was a Customer Resolution Expert, and served as the lead for the company’s Pride Employee Resource Group in the local Diversity, Equity & Inclusion chapter. While Pride season offers members of the LGBTQ+ community a moment to advocate and celebrate their identities together, Joe told us he was inspired by T-Mobile’s year-round “Be You” motto to search for a way to open up Pride — and the experience of being “seen” — to everyone. (The company is also embracing the motto “Stronger Together” for this Pride Month, a perfect accompaniment to Joe’s ongoing “Proud to Be” project.)

I’m proud to be a storyteller giving a voice to the voiceless and shedding light on the stories of people across this company.

Joe Richards, Mobile Expert and creator of "proud to Be"

With the simple directive to employees to write down what they're proud to be on a chalkboard, Joe captured dozens of inspiring photographs of smiling sign-bearers and built an art installation to display them in the call center. T-Mobile supported Joe's vision and two years ago helped him bring the project to a companywide scale by offering an internal virtual platform for employees all around the country to upload their "Proud to Be" images. From humble beginnings, with 44 people participating that first year, the project saw more than 200 people participate by 2020. Now a Mobile Expert in Charleston, Joe says watching his art evolve and take space alongside T-Mobile's own growth these last few years has been incredible.

Here we will share even more of what T-Mobile employees are saying this year as they participate in the 2023 installation of the art project, by showcasing new images and video of the many who are submitting their “Proud to Be” statements throughout the month.

P.S. If you watched the video above, you know the first day of Pride Month is also Joe's birthday! Happy Birthday, Joe!

Check back every week throughout June to see new and updated images and videos from those who have submitted their own “Proud to Be” moments. Any questions? Email us at:

Where It All Started

T-Mobile employees at the North Charleston, South Carolina Customer Experience Center, where the community photo project originated, continue to show us why they're Proud to Be!

Since the very first "Proud To Be" photoshoot Joe Richards did here, every single year everyone gets excited to come and share what they are proud to be as well as some of their new accomplishments and achievements. It was a true honor to help out my peers and make sure we continue the tradition!

Shawn South, Closed Loop Specialist, North Charleston, SC
The North Charleston CEC is the original location of the Proud to Be installation and continue the tradition that all began there in 2018.

Journey to James

Hear James' journey of becoming his authentic self while working at T-Mobile.

I am a proud Transman and Parent. I began my 'Journey to James' with some of the most supportive and truly life changing people that allowed me to feel safe and strong enough to be my authentic self. I have been living as James at T-Mobile for a year as of May 31st, and the opportunities that have happened since allowing myself to live authentically have been immeasurable.

James Dreiling, Customer Experience Manager, Bellevue, WA

Meet More of T-Mobile's "Proud to Be" Employees

T-Mobile Pride Joshua Lewis
"Pride is self-discovery and being unapologetically myself!" - Joshua Lewis, Service Desk, Prince Frederick, MD.
T-Mobile Pride Steve Zanella
"I'm proud to volunteer for a queer non-profit that helps raise money for our local community, while creating safe events for the local queen community to participate in." - Steve Zanella, RSM, Pittsburgh, PA.
T-Mobile Pride Matthew Argall
"I am proud to be unapologetically me everyday! I am so grateful to T-Mobile for allowing me to show my pride at work and celebrate with my entire team." - Matthew Argall, RAM, Titusvillle, FL.
Nikolaus Cowan T-Mobile Pride
T-Mobile Pride Damon Pechacek
"Pride is the love and support of my family friends and especially my partner Biff of 19 years!!!" - Damon Pechacek, RAM, Austin, TX.
T-Mobile Pride Amanda McCue
"My source of pride is for sure my children. My wife and I have two beautiful kids that just amaze me every single day." - Amanda McCue, RSM, Easton, PA.
T-Mobile Pride Ben Kamens
"I’m proud to be open and who I wanted to be." - Ben Kamens, Mobile Expert Lancaster, NY.
T-Mobile Pride Maren Trevino
"I am PROUD to be an Ally and support." - Maren Trevino, RSM New Orleans, LA.
T-Mobile Veronica Smith
"I'm utterly proud to be queer and asexual." - Veronica Smith, Relay Specialist, Austin, TX.
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See Who Else Is "Proud To Be" at T-Mobile

I am proud to be an out gay man for 30 years! I am proud to work for a company that welcomes, celebrates and champions diversity.

David Werblow, VP, Legal Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer
Amanda McCain T-Mobile Pride
"As a gay woman who has been married for 10 years, my source of pride is my ability to love and commit to someone regardless of societal expectations and prejudices." - Amanda McCain, Mobile Expert, Santa Rosa, CA
Colton Eagle T-Mobile Pride
"I'm proud to be my authentic self. There is no one I would rather be than who I was born to be." -Colton Eagle, Sr Analyst, Bellevue, WA.
Stephanie Grover Pride T-Mobile
"I am proud to be Deaf, JEWISH AND GAY! All sorts allowed!" - Stephanie Grover, Account Executive, Denver, CO
Theresa Leyba Pride T-Mobile
"I am proud to be a Creative, Latina, Animator, Digital Designer, Lesbian and I am in love with my wife." - Theresa Leyba, Handset Research Specialist, Albuquerque, NM
Nick Gallegos T-Mobile Pride
"A source of pride to me is the open-minded and welcoming LGBTQ+ community that lifts and supports one another, through every trial and tribulation, no matter how difficult." - Nick Gallegos, Account Expert, Wichita, KA
Kristina Fletcher Pride T-Mobile
"Proud to be a mother, a leader, a wife and an ally!" - Kristina Fletcher, Coach, Team of Experts Birmingham, AL
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