Study: Americans Value Wireless Connectivity More Than Ever. But Does Your Wireless Plan Value You?

By T-Mobile StoriesNovember 04, 2022

When inflation is taking a bite out of everyone’s wallet, a wireless plan packed with extra value can help cut costs.

At a time when Americans are keeping a closer eye on their expenses, finding more value where they are already spending on the essentials is more important than ever.

In a recent study from Morgan Stanley, 64% of Americans said they plan to cut back on overall spending in the next six months as inflation continues to rise and impact wallets. And while many are making cuts in their everyday life, wireless shows no sign of being scratched from the monthly budget. When it comes to prioritizing monthly bills, the same study showed that wireless was top ranked alongside other life essentials — with respondents saying that keeping their connectivity was nearly neck in neck with paying their mortgage. With more than 60% of households having cut the cord to their landline, Americans increasingly rely on their mobile connectivity.

Another survey, by opinion analytics and research firm CivicScience, had Americans weigh the importance of their wireless service compared to other popular out-of-pocket expenses:

When asked whether they'd rather give up wireless or a video streaming service, 77% said they'd give up streaming and continue binging their mobile connectivity. When it came to choosing mobile service over a food delivery service, that shot up to 93%. Even America's favorite pastime was no match against reliable connectivity, with 86% saying they'd gladly give up attending a sporting event rather than part with their wireless service.

So, we know people would sacrifice spending on some of life’s little luxuries to stay connected, but do they really have to?

Inflation can be deflating, but experts say you shouldn’t think you’re powerless against it, and some financial professionals advise simple money saving techniques that can make a difference. Just so happens, if you have the right wireless service — yes, that thing that the research tells us we can’t live without! — you might not need to slash spending after all.

Enter Magenta MAX, an invaluable partner in getting the most for your money. On top of wireless service, T-Mobile customers get an extra $225 in included benefits on the Magenta MAX plan with 2 or more lines. For the 94% of Americans concerned about inflation, having Netflix, Apple TV+,  in-flight Wi-Fi and data in 215+ countries, plus a year of AAA, and Scam Shield protection all included for free — can mean some serious savings.  And not having to cut back on things like streaming or travel.

In a time of increasing sacrifice, you can count on the Un-carrier to be the only wireless provider to also be uncompromising — not only with the largest and fastest 5G network, but the best value too.


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