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T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Select 20 Finalists For 2022/23 T Challenge

21 de febrero de 2023

The premier worldwide competition showcases how 5G can be used to transform Web3 development

The 2022/23 T Challenge finalists are here, and they’re getting ready to change the way the world uses the Internet.

T-Mobile US and T-Labs, Deutsche Telekom's research and development unit, have once again teamed-up for the third annual T Challenge, a worldwide competition for startups, developers, researchers and designers to showcase innovative research and solutions for how 5G and Web3 development can transform the way people use the Internet. This year's T Challenge is designed to fuel new innovations in Web3 to spark a change in business models across the globe through open-source innovation.

Finalists Head to Germany in May

The following 20 finalists are now in the second phase of the competition and will continue to refine their solutions in preparation for an all-expenses paid trip to Bonn, Germany, this May where they will present their solutions to top leaders at Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US. Of this group, six winners will be selected, and will split €600,000 euros, or roughly the same in U.S. dollars, in prize money. Winners will also have the opportunity for their solutions to be featured by T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom in other projects across Europe and the U.S.

Categories and Finalists


  • CrystalChain (France) — Building on its traceability experience since 2016, CrystalChain have developed an innovative way to harness its traceability expertise and make the Voluntary Carbon Market clearer, transparent with fewer middlemen thanks to blockchain technology. Its solution tokenizes certified carbon credits and keeps their link with the project. Its CrystalTrace module is a documentary platform containing a wealth of information concerning the project, and about all the co-benefits it has (biodiversity impact, nature impact).
  • Recykle (Slovakia) - Recykle is a service that utilizes blockchain technology to track the recycling life cycle of each phone. It provides transparency for customers and ensures responsible and sustainable recycling for all phones. Upon completion of recycling, the user is presented with a tamper-proof certificate. The service comes with a user-friendly front-end application that visually displays all steps of the recycling process.
  • twinu (Germany) — twinu is a Munich based startup that enables circularity through digital product twins. By applying blockchain technology, twinu provides brands with interoperable digital twins of their physical products. The twins close the circularity loop at customer handover, enable strong customer benefits and product lifecycle extension.

Network & Infrastructure

  • avodaq AG (Germany)avodaq AG is one of the leading German providers of modern IT infrastructure for multinational companies and service providers. avodaq is looking to leverage blockchain technologies to change the way domain names are resolved into IP addresses using a single-source of truth (SSOT).
  • GIANT Protocol (United States) — GIANT turns bandwidth into a globally tradable digital asset. Through GIANT’s protocols, prepaid mobile data, for example 15GB of cellular data in the USA, is represented as novel, semi-fungible tokens called Data Contract Tokens (DCT). DCTs are the financial primitive to new consumer and enterprise applications with bandwidth as the unit of value, for example bandwidth as a form of payment, bandwidth as collateral, and enterprise financial markets for spot bandwidth contracts and their derivatives.
  • Naoris Protocol (Portugal) — Naoris Protocol is the world's first Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (dCSMA) that brings trust to untrusted environments. By converting centralized devices into cyber-trusted validator nodes that constantly verify the status of every other device, individuals and enterprises can trust their networks and be protected from cyber threats and hacks.
  • Pravica (Egypt) — Pravica is positioning itself as the Web 3.0 messaging protocol, an infrastructure that aims to bring wallet-to-wallet messaging functionality to Web 3.0 communities. Its main mission is to empower the user-owned Internet by allowing its users to own and control their data and encryption keys linked to their owned DIDs.
  • Riddle&Code (Austria) — Riddle&Code provides a trusted connection between the digital and physical worlds by developing new technologies and solutions for a world of interconnected token economies by enabling sustainable and resilient machine industries.

Media Entertainment and Experiential

  • Blocksport AG (Switzerland) — Blocksport is a fan engagement company that provides a white-label solution for fan base monetization to sports clubs, leagues, and federations. It helps companies earn new revenue and bring a new level of fan engagement to their fans. Blocksport has 35 clients in different regions and sports like football, basketball, and rugby.
  • Oveit (United States)— Oveit delivers a robust NFT ticketing protocol integrated into its complex ecosystem to help secure tickets and transform the secondary market, bundle benefits and goods, and turn tickets into payment instruments and more – the instruments of interaction.
  • (United States) — aims to create deeper connections between fans and performers and enhance customer experiences through blockchain technologies.

Customer Engagement and Loyalty

  • BlockChainSentry (United States) — BlockChainSentry provides a cutting-edge Web3 customer engagement and loyalty platform designed to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. With its platform, businesses can leverage the power of Web3 to create rewards programs that incentivize customer engagement and foster brand loyalty.
  • eyecandylab (Germany) — eyecandylab is a leading company for immersive video streaming in the Metaverse. eyecandylab is backed by Silicon Valley-based investors and has developed a solution for streaming companies to make their platform Metaverse-ready by converging augmented reality, AR headsets, and non-Fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • Niftmint (United States) — Niftmint makes it simple for Brands to Mint, Sell, and Custody NFTs directly on its site and channels while abstracting crypto and crypto-wallets from the Brand and their Customers via its embedded Niftmint Wallet. Niftmint has productized all smart contracts, wallet creations, token deployments, and transfers while providing a user experience native to traditional Commerce.
  • Parley Labs (United States) — Parley Lab sources, develops and tests various sensors for IoT solutions to maintain high-quality vertically connected solutions that help companies go to market faster through engineering, marketing and logistics support.
  • Shoelace Wireless (United States) — Shoelace offers patented/innovative technology and psychology approaches to spectrum optimization. It’s Ecobytes (EB) platform is an innovative web3 rewards service for customer engagement, loyalty & acquisition.The platform offers a new approach for MNOs to reward customers for mobile efficiency. Think of EBs like a carbon credit model for mobile network optimization. Customers can use EBs to direct MNO cause donations or acquire stuff in EB marketplace.

Decentralized IDs & Wallets

  • Blockchain HELIX (Germany) — Blockchain HELIX is a German Blockchain technology startup in the field of Digital Identity, Blockchain and Web3. It brings efficient decentralized identity management and Web3 technology to the telecommunications industry through helix id – a unique combination of Smart ID Wallet and Web3 Wallet.
  • Datapods (Germany) — Datapods enables consumers to reclaim, store, track and monetize their personal data and choose who is allowed to use it as well as receive fair compensation for when their data is used.
  • Perfect-iD (Germany) — Perfect-iD’s idea is to change the digital world and create truly end user centered internet, in contrast to the current status quo of an internet dominated by hyperscalers and intermediaries. Its vision is to make end users sovereign of their data and participants of the data economy.
  • UBIRCH (Germany) — UBIRCH is a data proof solution that brings security into data driven processes and establishes trust between multiple stakeholders. It’s one cloud-based Trust Platform enables everyone involved to verify the authenticity and integrity of data received and combines robust cryptography and modern blockchain technology into an innovative, easy to use SaaS product.

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