T‑Mobile Smokes the Competition, Reaching 1 Million Fixed Wireless Customers Just a Year After Commercial Launch

20 de abril de 2022
T-Mobile has expanded 5G Home Internet to 10 million more households. The service is now available to more than 40 million households nationwide on T-Mobile's award winning 5G network.

Bellevue, Washington — April 20, 2022 — T-Mobile Home Internet Goes Platinum! T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced that, very early this month, the company welcomed its 1 millionth Home Internet customer, remarkable growth just one year after launching the service commercially. In addition, thanks to T-Mobile’s unrivaled 5G network expansion, 10 million additional homes nationwide are now eligible for 5G Home Internet, bringing the total number of eligible households to more than 40 million, all covered with 5G.

"T-Mobile's remarkable growth in broadband - a market that's full of big behemoth corporations - just underscores how hungry customers are for a real alternative to the Carriers and the Landline ISPs," said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. "We launched into broadband last year with a radically new value prop that's completely disrupted this category, and now, with a household footprint that's millions larger than the nearest fixed wireless competitor. Y esto es apenas el comienzo. There's more Un-carrier disruption on the way."

Even before today's news, T-Mobile was already the fastest growing broadband provider in America. In the most recent quarter available, the fourth quarter of 2021, T-Mobile added more broadband customers than any other provider in the country. More than Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon or AT&T … more than anyone, underscoring just how compelling 5G Home Internet is. The Un-carrier is putting Landline ISPs on notice, expecting to have 7 to 8 million fixed wireless customers by 2025.

Year after year, ISPs have ranked dead last in customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. And it’s no surprise why. ISPs have been having their way with customers for years, doing things like jacking up rates, delivering terrible customer service and adding bogus fees and equipment rentals on top of the monthly rate. And they’ve gotten away with it because customers have so few choices. Today, more than 40 million Americans have no access to high-speed home broadband. And nearly 15 percent of households have no choice … only one option. In rural areas, that jumps to nearly 35 percent. People are desperate for another option.

With 5G Home Internet, T-Mobile is creating more choice and competition for millions of homes nationwide. And with T-Mobile, broadband is different.

  • It's fully wireless, so it's as easy as it gets - T-Mobile will mail the gateway directly to your home or business. Just plug it in, download the app and you're connected in less than 15 minutes. No waiting for an installation window and no drilling holes in your walls to get it going.
  • It’s fast, so you get speeds that let you work, play, stream, chat, game and more.
  • It’s backed by dedicated experts, from the company that ranks #1 in wireless customer care year after year, so help is just a call or message away.
  • It's just $50 per month, with Autopay - period. That's it. There's no added taxes or fees, no annual contracts, and no ISP BS or surprises.

To learn more or to see if T-Mobile Home Internet is available at your address, visit

Ofertas por tiempo limitado; sujetas a cambio. Not available in all areas; customers ineligible for 5G Home Internet may be eligible for 4G LTE Home Internet During congestion, Home Internet may notice speeds lower than other customers due to data prioritization. Para utilizar solamente con la puerta de enlace T-Mobile para uso en el hogar en la ubicación provista al momento de la activación. Credit approval required for postpaid Home Internet. AutoPago: el descuento de $5 al mes podría no verse reflejado en la 1.° factura. Regulatory fees included in monthly service price for qualifying accounts. If canceling postpaid Home Internet service (gateway included), return gateway or pay up to $370 (up to $750 for business gateway).

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