"¡Es como recibir un regalo de cumpleaños todos los martes!"

22 de junio de 2020

T-Mobile Tuesdays superfans share their excitement as Sprint customers are welcomed to the T-Mobile family this week with a massive summer of offers

Showing appreciation for customers is in the very DNA of the Un-carrier, and was central to the launch of T-Mobile Tuesdays — a rewards program built off the Un-carrier’s radically different thinking on how brands should thank customers — in the summer of 2016.

In the 200-plus weeks since, customers have been given everything from free tacos and Impossible® Whoppers® to discounts on Redbox rentals and regular fill-ups at Shell through the Fuel Rewards® program, even free trials to streaming services like YouTube Premium and TIDAL Premium — some $900 million in thankings in all.

But possibly the biggest thankings begin today, when Sprint customers get welcomed to those weekly T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaways and discounts, too.

“Hace cuatro años, T-Mobile Tuesdays cambió las reglas del juego de los programas de lealtad tradicionales. Creemos que los clientes no tienen por qué gastar más o acumular puntos para ser valorados, sobre todo ahora. At T-Mobile, it’s about getting thanked, simply because you’re with us … and we’re with you,” said T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert last week. “And now, we welcome Sprint customers with our biggest thankings ever this summer. ¿Por qué? Porque queremos darte las gracias. Solo por eso”.

But just how big of a deal is it to be part of the T-Mobile Tuesdays family?

"A few years ago I was having lunch in Los Angeles at L.A. Live before the American Music Awards, of which T-Mobile was a presenting sponsor," recalls Mike Belcher, VP, Business Development & Partnerships in T-Mobile's marketing department, who oversaw the development and rollout of T-Mobile Tuesdays. "When I gave my credit card to the waitress, she noticed the magenta color and asked if I worked at T-Mobile. When I said yes, she told me that she had been with T-Mobile for several years. I thanked her and asked her what she liked about T-Mobile. Without hesitation, she said, 'I love T-Mobile Tuesdays!' The person at lunch with me informed her that I was responsible for creating T-Mobile Tuesdays. She was so excited. She even started to get emotional when she explained how much T-Mobile Tuesdays meant to her being a single mother. The discounts on gas, free food and movie tickets made a real difference in her life."

Turns out, there are a lot of other T-Mobile Tuesdays fans, too. Here are a few testimonials (submitted through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app) from current customers sharing what they love about the weekly thankings - and a look into what Sprint customers have coming their way:

"From the first time I used T-Mobile Tuesdays, it was fun and made the second day of the work week a blast. During the coronavirus pandemic, T-Mobile Tuesdays has been a source of stability ... something that has remained consistent and still marks the day on an otherwise empty calendar. Thank you for the fun and moral support!"

"T-Mobile Tuesdays is the best. You get so many deals and things for free, like free Starbucks gift cards, free Taco Bell, and more. They even have reserved tickets for concerts like the Jonas Brothers and Post Malone. It's insane. I love T-Mobile and this amazing program they've created. It's truly amazing - please download and try, you will love it!"

"I switched from AT&T over a year ago and, wow, what a great decision. T-Mobile Tuesdays is a great way to save and take advantage of all the perks T-Mobile provides its customers. It has been fun and rewarding. I truly feel appreciated and thanked! Rock on, T-Mobile Tuesdays!"

"There are so many wireless companies out there, but only one that shows their customers how much they appreciate them every week. My wife and I text each other each week to say, 'Make sure to check your T-Mobile Tuesdays app!' It's helped make for some fun date nights with pizza and a movie!"

"I'm loving T-Mobile Tuesdays. It makes me feel appreciated as customer. My daughter likes T-Mobile customer service, but when I introduced her to T-Mobile Tuesdays, she fell in love with T-Mobile even more. Now we both promote T-Mobile's awesome sauce!"

"Extending thankfulness from myself and my family circle to T-Mobile and the T-Mobile Tuesdays team for creating the app, and all the thoughtful giftings and savings given. Much Appreciation. I am thank-FULL!"

"It has been a wonderful experience full of great gifts, deals and surprises. I look forward to every Tuesday to see what wonderful things await me for a great week ahead!"

“It’s like getting a birthday present every Tuesday!”

For additional info on what’s in store from T-Mobile Tuesdays this summer, including offers from Postmates, Burger King, Redbox, Atom Tickets, Shell and more — not to mention chances to win upcoming prizes like a Tesla Model 3! — download the app today on iOS and Android.

T-Mobile Tuesdays requires an eligible rate plan. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY for sweepstakes. See for how to enter and full rules. Nulo donde esté prohibido.

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