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Americans are Fee'd Up with ISPs. T-Mobile's Going Fee-Free for Fifty.

05 de octubre de 2021
  • What’s the news: Last year alone, Americans paid more than $9 BILLION in fees to landline ISPs. That’s just the fees. Today, T-Mobile is launching the Big Fee Deal – it’s $10 off the old monthly Home Internet price, with no price hikes. Customers can now get Home Internet for just $50 per month with AutoPay. And no added fees.
  • Why it matters: NINE billion dollars. Every year.
  • Who it’s for: The millions of Americans who rely on home internet for school, work and staying connected, but are tired of paying billions in ISP fees.

BELLEVUE, Wash.October 5, 2021 — Money doesn’t grow on trees, but for ISPs, it does grow from fees — to the tune of over $9 BILLION in BS monthly charges just last year alone. For reference, with $9 billion, you could buy a fleet of 20 747s. Or you could buy the Lakers AND the Clippers. And still afford to keep the stars around. $9 billion is A LOT of money. T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced the Big Fee Deal (BFD) — giving Home Internet customers $10 off the old price, every month, to make up for all those fees created by the landline ISPs. Millions of Americans can now get T-Mobile Home Internet for just $50 a month. Flat. You know. The way it should be.

ISPs have been having their way for years, tacking on these bogus charges every month and getting away with it. There’s a fee for everything — equipment, installation (even SELF-installation!), overages, disconnecting early … hey, if you’re a Charter customer, you’ll even get a fee just to CONNECT to Wi-Fi! And most ISPs advertise their rates before adding in all that extra cost, leaving customers with monthly bill shock.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a cold, hard look at this fee mess, according to independent third-party, New America:

These are just the fees! Fees on top of what customers are already paying for their monthly service. It's just flat-out wrong.

Introducing the BFD
So, just like they did with wireless, T-Mobile is taking on the ISP industry to right wrongs on behalf of customers. Starting today, customers can get the Home Internet BFD - it's $10 off the old monthly Home Internet price - so customers just pay $50 per month - period. The Un-carrier is making affordable, reliable home internet more accessible to millions of Americans, with no extra fees, no price hikes, no annual contracts, no BS.

"It's almost hard to fathom that Americans paid ISPs over $9 billion in monthly fees in just one year," said Dow Draper, Executive Vice President of Emerging Products at T-Mobile. "All that money is above and beyond what people already pay in service costs for something that's never been more critical. It's wrong, it's unnecessary and we're tackling it head on. Not only do we not charge ANY add-on fees, but we're also making a change to our price, giving customers $10 off to make up for other ISPs' long-held backwards practices. We're bringing an affordable, reliable option to an industry in desperate need of change."

For years, landline ISPs have jacked up prices due to limited access and lack of competition. Across the US, more than 42 million people do not have access to a single broadband internet provider. And more than 24 million only have access to one landline provider. This lack of access and choice has led to high prices, poor service, and the unhappiest customers in America. ISPs rank dead last in recent customer satisfaction scores from ACSI. Is anyone surprised?

Americans have never needed affordable, reliable broadband as much as they do now. And yet, more than a quarter of Americans reported being worried about paying their broadband bill last year. In the wake of the pandemic and so much more trauma, the last thing Americans need is to worry about their internet bill.

With T-Mobile Home Internet, there's no annual contract and no data caps. Compared to a national benchmark, customers can save up to 50% when they switch to Home Internet. And setup is as easy as it gets - T-Mobile will mail the gateway directly to your home, so all you have to do is plug it in, download the app and you're connected in less than 15 minutes. Once you're online, you'll get speeds that will let you work, play, stream, chat, game and more. And if you do have an issue, our dedicated experts are just a call or message away.

Stay Connected and Entertained
With T-Mobile, customers also get some of the best deals on their favorite streaming services, making breaking up with big cable even easier. Customers can get:

Today, T-Mobile Home Internet is available to more than 30 million households nationwide, in more than 600 cities and towns across the country for just $50 per month. Y recién estamos empezando.

Availability is based on network capacity, which is increasing all the time. Consulta‑ para saber si T‑Mobile Home Internet está disponible para tu hogar.

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Ahorro en comparación con el parámetro de comparabilidad razonable del estudio de tarifas de banda ancha en áreas urbanas de la FCC 2021. Regulatory fees included in monthly service price for qualifying accounts. Durante períodos de congestión, los clientes de Internet residencial pueden notar velocidades reducidas en comparación con otros clientes debido a la priorización de datos. No disponible en todas las áreas. Requiere aprobación de crédito. Sin AutoPago, $5 más. Es posible que no esté reflejado en la 1.ª factura. Para utilizar solamente con el gateway T-Mobile para uso en el hogar en la ubicación provista al momento de la activación. Si cancelas el servicio, deberás devolver el gateway o pagar hasta $370. See for network management and performance details. Half off Mobile Internet line with monthly bill credits. Oferta por tiempo limitado; sujeta a cambio. Max 1 discounted line per qualifying account. Es posible que los créditos cesen si se cancela alguna línea o se cambia de plan.

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