Compartir tu tiempo: Annemarie Wegley

03 de octubre de 2017

Annemarie Wegley has nothing to run from. Of course, that's not to say she has nothing to run for. And it’s her love for her community that keeps Annemarie's feet moving.

"I like to stay busy," says Annemarie, a supply chain planner at T-Mobile. "And I just know I want better for my community."

Now, she’s found a way to satisfy both those goals. She found it at a range of local nonprofits, including Girls on the Run of Puget Sound, to which she regularly gives a share of her free time.

It's an organization that focuses on giving girls something active to do after school — namely, run.

Annemarie describes herself as a “fitness girl.” And, when she found Girls on the Run, she realized she never lacked for fun, athletic after-school activities while growing up. She realized that fact likely played a big role in who she is today. And she realized not everyone has the options she had. So, Annemarie was in.

"I look at some people making a big impact on the community by writing big checks - and that's great," she said. "But I'm a year out of college. That's not me right now."

So, it's time that Annemarie gives. And she loves every minute of it.

Plus, with T-Mobile Foundation's volunteer matching program, Girls on the Run also gets dollar

donations along with Annemarie's time, energy and enthusiasm. And, since she's there volunteering and all, she's able to see the benefits of those donations - hers went toward new running shoes for the girls.

Girls on the Run is just one example of the good work Annemarie does for her community. And, thanks to her generous donations of time, the organizations she supports are among the largest recipients of T-Mobile Foundations’ matching dollar donations.

That’s Annemarie. Always on the run — in the best possible way.