T-Mobile ayuda a los pequeños negocios a conectarse, cuando Verizon no pudo hacerlo

13 de junio de 2017

Smartphone Repair Company Smartbulance Left in a Lurch by Big Red; Now Saving 40% on Wireless with T-Mobile

Bellevue, Washington — June 14, 2017 — The Carriers love to give small businesses the short end of the stick. New T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) @Work customer Smartbulance, a mobile, emergency smartphone repair company based in New York City, was days away from opening a fully-automated self-service kiosk in Grand Central station. But after months of working with Verizon to secure connectivity, they still had no wireless service within days of their May launch date.

"We weren't happy with our Sprint coverage or customer service, so we reached out to Verizon - they dragged us along for months - January, February, March - and didn't get it done," said Ralph Shulberg, CEO for Smartbulance. "When I called T-Mobile and told them the situation we were in, the sales rep worked with his manager to get us the service we needed within 48 hours. Without their help, we would have lost out on $100,000 in development costs and our deal with the Metro Transit Authority would have fallen through."

Since successfully launching its first kiosk in May, Smartbulance is now on track to expand its partnership with the Metropolitan Transit Authority to add new locations throughout New York City. And, Smartbulance is now saving 40 percent on wireless with T-Mobile compared to their previous service with Sprint.

With a fleet of vehicles, Smartbulance offers on-demand emergency mobile device curbside support throughout the New York City area and now operates fully-automated self-service kiosks in highly-trafficked commuter locations. Given the mobile nature of their business, they needed more than a traditional wireless plan to stay connected to their employees and handle incoming customer service inquiries.

Smartbulance uses several tools to get the job done, like SyncUP DRIVE, T-Mobile’s all-in-one connected car solution, and most recently, T-Mobile DIGITS, a new technology that allows customers to have one phone number on multiple devices.

“Our T-Mobile rep helped us set up SyncUP DRIVE so we can manage our small fleet of technicians. When our mobile repair vans are dispatched, I can track their location or re-route their destination right from my smartphone, based on service needs,” said Shulberg. “And we love using T-Mobile DIGITS -- now several employees can answer our main phone line from their mobile devices to make sure we never miss a customer service call on-the-go.”

According to a recent nationwide survey of small business owners by research firm F’inn Group, 93 percent said they just want a wireless carrier that’s easy to work with, while 45 percent said they’re not satisfied with the level of customer service they receive from their wireless carrier.

In stark contrast to the carriers, T-Mobile @Work provides every business, large or small, with 24/7 support from a business account team. That's in addition to all of the Un-carrier benefits like free international roaming in 140+ countries and destinations, 100% transparent pricing, unlimited data with T-Mobile ONE and a growing list of powerful mobile technologies-like DIGITS and SyncUP DRIVE-that the carriers simply cannot match. And all on the nation's fastest LTE network.

"The carriers treat business customers worse than they treat consumers - because they know it's even harder for businesses to switch," said John Legere, president and CEO for T-Mobile. "That's why T-Mobile @Work is growing like gang-busters. We just closed our biggest Q1 for @Work ever, and the number of business customers with T-Mobile has almost DOUBLED since before we launched Un-carrier for Business. This is what happens when you focus on your customers!"

Since launching Un-carrier for Business in 2015, the number of business customers with T-Mobile has almost doubled, with nearly a 40 percent year-over-year growth rate from 2016 to 2017. In fact, the first quarter of 2017 was the biggest Q1 ever for T-Mobile @Work.

For more information about T-Mobile @Work and to get in touch with the business account team, please visit: business.t-mobile.com.

To learn more about Smartbulance, please visit: www.smartbulance.com

Streaming de video usualmente en calidad DVD (480p). On all T-Mobile plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>32GB/mo) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Ofertas por tiempo limitado; sujetas a cambio. Standard int’l speeds 128 kbps. DIGITS: Up to 5 numbers per device & up to 5 devices per numbers. See DIGITS Terms of Use for important 911 information. SyncUP DRIVE: Capable smartphone, 3rd party app, and service req’d for some features. Forty percent savings based on Smartbulance’s prior plan, not a typical experience, contact T-Mobile to find out how much you could save.
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