T‑Mobile Brings #BallBusterChallenge to Washington DC

17 de febrero de 2016

New York City, NY — February 18, 2016 – T-Mobile today brings the #BallBusterChallenge to Washington, DC to debunk Verizon’s year-old network claims.

In 2015 alone, T-Mobile more than doubled its LTE coverage footprint, adding nearly 1 million square miles of new 4G LTE coverage and now covers 305 million Americans - 97% the number of customers that Verizon does, while delivering the fastest 4G LTE network in the nation. Meanwhile, Verizon's network virtually stood still in comparison.

Now, Verizon customers in Washington, DC will have the chance to see for themselves if their network is actually better and win $100 if they can prove it. If they lose, they'll pose for a photo with a network sign of shame, with options like "T-Mobile's just busted Verizon's network myth #BallBusterChallenge," and "T-Mobile's network was just as good as Verizon's #BallBusterChallenge" (but we'll toss in a consolation prize for playing).

Join our Challenge Team for a chance to win $100 at:

  • Feb. 18 – 10:00AM - along F St NW between 6th & 7th St. NW (682 6th St NW Washington, DC)

You can also follow along on social at #BallBusterChallenge o @TMobileLatino – or watch the teaser video.

Legal disclaimer Fastest 4G LTE network based on download speeds.
Acerca de T‑Mobile
Como El Un-carrier de EE.UU., T-Mobile US, Inc. (NASDAQ: TMUS) está redefiniendo la forma en que los consumidores y las empresas adquieren los servicios de telefonía móvil por medio de liderazgo en la innovación de productos y servicios. La avanzada red nacional 4G LTE de la compañía ofrece excelentes experiencias móviles a aproximadamente 63 millones de clientes que no están dispuestos a transigir en cuanto a calidad y precios. Basada en Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile US ofrece servicios a través de sus subsidiarias y opera sus marcas principales, T-Mobile y MetroPCS. Para obtener más información, visita 
About The Un-carrier
T-Mobile’s industry-rocking Un-carrier moves are directly addressing customers’ pain points and changing wireless for good:

  • Simple Choice™ − started it all by abolishing annual service contracts, limits and overage penalties
  • JUMP! On Demand™ − lets you swap your old phone for a new one with no waiting or upgrade fees up to 3 times a year
  • Simple Global™ − introduced free roaming data and texting and low flat-rate calling in 140+ countries & destinations
  • Carrier Freedom − covers your carrier’s ETFs and the balance on your phone up to $650 with trade-in when you switch
  • Music Freedom − lets you listen all you want to most streaming music services without hitting your high-speed data
  • Wi-Fi Unleashed − introduced seamless next-gen Wi-Fi coverage beyond the reach of cellular-only networks
  • Data Stash™ − allows those who buy extra LTE data to roll unused data forward − up to 20GB − for up to a full year
  • T-Mobile@Work − brought 100% transparent, simple flat-rate pricing and other Un-carrier benefits to US business
  • Mobile Without Borders − delivers coverage & calling across Mexico & Canada, just like in the US—at no extra cost
  • Binge On™ − lets you watch leading streaming video services all you want without burning your high-speed data.

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