¿Qué historia cuenta tu teléfono?

By Nick DrakeSeptember 20, 2018

T-Mobile is evolving.

We’ve spent the past five years as the Un-carrier disrupting the status quo, dragging this industry kicking and screaming into the future by eliminating data buckets, roaming charges and other carrier BS. And our most recent Un-carrier move with Team of Experts shows we’re still fighting that fight, ending the customer service runaround and replacing bots with humans. In fact, where we’re headed is all about real people. That’s where we’re focused – the same place we’ve always been focused. On our customers.

Because being customer experience obsessed means more than being disruptive. Our customers are the very reason we right all those wrongs. It's our job to have your back…to have you covered. Our new campaign focuses on that simple truth.

Cada teléfono cuenta una historia, y nuestra última campaña presenta las experiencias y momentos que conforman las vidas de nuestros clientes. Our phones aren't just technology, they are not just a utility...they're emotional tools that not only tell the stories of our lives, but help create them.

Each ad tells a compelling story of the power of connection, and the power of putting your phone down to experience the moments that matter - big and small. These stories remind us that our phones can actually help us to become more connected and more present, allowing us to leap into new experiences…to repair rifts…to make our kids' dreams come true. Check out the first spots below!

I'm incredibly proud of these ads and the team who developed them led by Peter DeLuca, because this new campaign shines the spotlight right where it belongs…on our customers, and on the universal truths of the human experience. And, because the new campaign gets right to the core of who we are and what we do at T-Mobile - we are in the business of making connections.

This is a natural evolution for us, because as our network has expanded, we’ve been introduced to more and more of you. In 2012, none of our customers had 4G LTE. Today, we cover 323 million people. That’s nearly everyone in the U.S. with the fastest network in the U.S.! We reach more people than ever. We connect more people than ever. And that’s what our new campaign is all about. Connections. Your connections. Real connections.

We’ve been asking a simple but important question lately in our ads – ‘Are You With Us?’ – it’s an invitation to be part of something, to join something bigger than just another wireless service. With our latest campaign, we’ll continue to extend the invitation, this time underscoring that we’re with you.

At T-Mobile, it's our privilege to be here for all the moments that connect you…all across the nation. Of course, we're still changing wireless for good, and we'll never stop fighting for what's right for you. That's who we are, and that'll never change. But as we grow, so does our brand…and it's so much bigger than disruption. Whatever the stories your phone tells, we've got you covered...and of course, we won't stop.