Ask a Mobile Expert: How Do I Protect Myself From Scammers? (Video)

By T-Mobile StoriesOctober 04, 2023

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is always a good time to take action to protect ourselves from phishing, smishing and everything else fraudsters try to pull on us. T-Mobile's own Alexis Flint shares a few simple ways you can make sure your phone calls or texts are not the accomplice by using T-Mobile's Scam Shield.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile released its Scam and Robocall Report, sharing that its Scam Shield identified or blocked 41.5 billion scam calls in 2022, a 75% increase from 2021. That’s a whopping 1,317 calls identified or blocked every second. With holidays historically being prime time for scammers to ramp up their efforts, make sure to take steps now to protect yourself for whatever they might be planning.

Built into the core of the network and free for all customers, T-Mobile's leading patented Scam Shield technology provides the most powerful defense against scam calls and texts. It updates protections every six minutes and identifies scams before they even reach a customer's phone. Find out how to automatically block scam calls with the Scam Shield app and improve your cybersecurity!