Giving Back the T-Mobile Way

By Jon Freier, President of Consumer GroupApril 03, 2023

Our mission here at T-Mobile is to be the best in the world at connecting people to their worlds. I've thought a lot about what connecting people means. While it certainly relates to the obvious - providing reliable wireless service - I think there's something even bigger than that. To me, connecting people is also about the bond we forge every single day with our employees and the thousands of communities that we live in, work in, and serve. One of the ways we do that is by giving back.

At T-Mobile we take seriously the unique opportunity we have to be a force for GOOD … and we strive to support the communities that do so much to support us. Financial donations are important and meaningful, but the culture of giving that has been threaded through the fabric of our culture truly comes to life through our passionate team of employees. They step up with time, resources and support when and where they're needed most, from helping out during disasters, volunteering with local organizations and giving back to the causes most important to their hearts.

But in true Un-carrier fashion, we're always thinking bigger. Bolder. We challenge the status quo to think about how we can shake things up. Ask "What if?"

Our employees came to us and said, “What if … we could do more as a collective team to really make a difference in the communities we love so much?” The answer was easy: “Let’s do it!” Our employees wear their hearts on their Magenta sleeves, and when they come together with these types of big ideas and hard work, it’s an amazing opportunity to create EVEN MORE real change.

Enter our first-ever Magenta Giving month this April, a single month where we deploy our 70,000 Team Magenta members from across the country to unite as one and become an EVEN BIGGER force for good. From getting involved in fundraisers, engaging in team service days, and donating to their favorite causes – we’ve told our teams to Dream Big and Deliver (one of our values) as long as it’s all about giving back! To help get them started, the T-Mobile Foundation will give every employee $23 (for 2023!) to donate to one of our eligible nonprofits, plus a 2-for-1 match of their volunteer hours – $20 for every hour they volunteer in April up to $1 million total. With all of this goodness, can you imagine what kind of impact we will make in a single month?

Employee giving happens year-round here at T-Mobile, but we are so excited that this Magenta Giving month will offer our teams a shared experience to show up for the many communities we call home and see the impact we can make, together. This element is especially important for us. Three years ago, after our merger with Sprint and as we were poised to come together as a new T-Mobile, the pandemic was keeping us physically apart. We have been craving a moment like this to unify our teams around our love of giving and our shared sense of pride and belonging, enabling team members to connect with each other and showcase the skills and passions that go beyond their jobs.

This is going to be a fun and impactful month. I can't wait to see what we do!