How to Create a Family Emergency Plan

16 de agosto de 2023

Natural disasters and extreme weather events are increasingly becoming more severe as they grow in number - striking communities year-round with often deadly effect. Preparing an easily-accessible family emergency plan with the right information is more important than ever​.

​A family emergency plan is a document you complete with your loved ones that includes steps you will take in an ​emergency. When a ​disaster​ strikes or your community experiences an extreme weather event​, ​​communicating with loved ones will be important. ​Gather the contact information of your loved ones, write each phone number and address down on paper, and share your contact information with them too.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Decide on a location in your neighborhood and outside your neighborhood where you will meet up if you need to evacuate.
  • Ensure you know your workplace evacuation plans. If you have children in school, it's a good idea to know their school's emergency evacuation plans.
  • Consider plans for pets during an emergency, including where they can stay temporarily if not with you. Make sure they are microchipped with up-to-date information and save your vet's phone number in your contacts.
  • If a family member has allergies or prescriptions, make sure you write down that information, as well as phone numbers for your pharmacy and doctor. Have a plan for any necessary medical equipment.

T-Mobile created an easy-to-use template which can even be completed on your phone. When it's completed, take a screenshot and save it in a special folder in your photos app or files for easy access. Print out a copy, laminate it and keep it in your go bag.

Note: Click the magenta "Download Media Assets" button above to download the template.

T-Mobile constantly works to make sure its leading 5G network is ready for when disasters may hit. And we want you to be, too. Make sure you have a go bag prepared and take a few minutes today to create your family emergency plan.

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