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T-Mobile Rolls Out Two New Internet Plans to Give Customers Enhanced Options for Home and On the Go

23 de abril de 2024

The Un-carrier is introducing new plans to meet customers' connectivity needs — a premium plan with boosted coverage and support and a plan to keep campers and RVers connected — all powered by T-Mobile's leading 5G network

BELLEVUE, Wash. - 23 de abril de 2024

  • What’s the news: T-Mobile is launching two new internet plans — a premium version of Home Internet called Home Internet Plus and the Away plan for frequent travelers — to empower customers with more internet options for home and on the go.
  • Why it matters: When the Un-carrier launched 5G Home Internet in 2021 to give people an alternative to traditional broadband, it rattled Big Internet companies — and things haven’t been the same since. Now, as the fastest growing internet provider in the United States, with nearly 5 million happy customers and counting, T-Mobile is launching new plans to better serve customers’ unique needs and keep them connected the way they want.  
  • Who it’s for: Everyone who wants to get more out of their internet experience.

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is shaking up the internet scene (again!) today, introducing two new plans to tackle broadband pain points – Home Internet Plus, the all-in-one plan with expanded home Wi-Fi coverage and 24/7 support for smart devices, and Away, the flexible Wi-Fi solution for travelers to stay connected nationwide on T-Mobile’s network.

T-Mobile is the fastest growing internet provider in the U.S. and continues to disrupt the industry with broadband solutions that are backed by its leading 5G network, which just keeps getting faster and more powerful. Following another industry-leading year, T-Mobile is giving customers new plans that cater to different lifestyles, keeping them connected the way they want. 

"T-Mobile está haciendo lo que mejor sabe hacer, escuchar a los clientes y ofrecerles nuevos planes para satisfacer sus necesidades", dijo Allan Samson, director de Banda Ancha de T-Mobile. "Los clientes exigen mejores opciones y una conectividad innovadora, y estos nuevos planes lo consiguen. Ya sea para ampliar la señal wifi de tu hogar para cubrir más espacios y dispositivos conectados, o para llevar Internet contigo cuando viajas, T-Mobile tiene las opciones de Internet que se adaptan a tus necesidades, y todo con el respaldo de la red 5G líder en el país".

Home Internet Plus: A Premium Plan with Comprehensive Wi-Fi Coverage

Home Internet Plus makes it easy to get reliable connectivity at home at a time when people are more online than ever. Today 95% of adults in the U.S. are using the internet compared to just over 75% in 2010. And more people are also using smart devices to conveniently connect and improve their digital lives at home, so T-Mobile put together an all-in-one solution to keep customers and their devices connected with ease.

Home Internet Plus comes with: 

  • T-Mobile’s latest 5G gateway and a Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point included. Expand the Wi-Fi signal across the home and in hard-to-reach places, with up to 2,200 square feet of additional coverage. For households with heavier internet needs, mesh can intelligently adjust coverage to where it’s needed most, so parents can seamlessly work in the home office while the kids are gaming downstairs —no more dealing with multiple Wi-Fi networks with different nicknames and passwords. Plus, it can extend the signal outside for those outdoor movie nights or to better connect outdoor security cameras.   
  • Unlimited live 24/7 tech support for any Wi-Fi or smart connected devices in the home, delivering even more value to customers.  With Assurant® Personal TechPro, customers can get help setting up, connecting and troubleshooting all the connected devices in their home. Live experts can provide interactive support over the phone, on chat and even through screen and camera sharing for step-by-step help. From backing up photos from a phone to a laptop, to setting up a smart TV with the latest streaming app, adjusting the notifications on a smart doorbell and more, it’s one simple contact to help keep customers and their devices connected across the home.

Plus, it all comes on top of the great benefits T-Mobile Home Internet is known for — like Price Lock, guaranteeing that T-Mobile won’t raise customers’ rate for internet or their last month of service is on us (taxes and fees excluded), no equipment fees or annual contracts and simple self-setup to go from box to browsing in 15 minutes or less. 

T-Mobile Home Internet is fixed wireless that leverages the power of the Un-carrier’s 5G network, the largest and fastest 5G network in the U.S. and the same great network that connects wireless customers. It’s currently available to more than 50 million homes nationwide and is only offered in places with capacity to provide a good experience to all customers – both Home Internet and wireless.

Other internet providers make customers buy add-ons to get the same benefits, but at T-Mobile it's all included in one plan. Home Internet Plus is the only plan from a top provider that includes a mesh device and unlimited tech support for connected devices.

Home Internet Plus is available starting April 26 and is $70 a month with AutoPay, or just $50 a month with AutoPay and a premium voice line.

Away: A Wi-Fi Solution for Travelers  

For years, frequent travelers like RVers, campers and digital nomads have been left with inadequate options for Wi-Fi. And these days, RVing and camping is at an all-time high, with over 15 million households going on an RV trip in recent years and nearly 59 million going camping. More campers are also working during trips, with 40% saying Wi-Fi has a great deal of impact on their ability to camp more often.  

Away is a Wi-Fi plan for frequent travelers to stay connected nationwide across T-Mobile’s network — which is just about everywhere since T-Mobile’s 5G network covers two million square miles — more than AT&T and Verizon combined.

Away comes with:

  • A 5G gateway included at no extra cost. Connect up to 64 devices at a time — double a typical hotspot and six times as many as smartphone tethering. Plus, the gateway comes with the latest security features like WPA3, so customers can say goodbye to public Wi-Fi networks and rest assured in the safety and security of their connection.
  • An unlimited data option. Stay connected while traveling without overages or a cutoff.
  • Simple setup. Plug in the gateway, download the app and start browsing in 15 minutes or less.   
  • Price Lock. Customers can lock in a monthly rate and enjoy peace of mind knowing that if T-Mobile ever raises the rate, they can get their last month of service refunded. Se aplican exclusiones, por ejemplo, impuestos y cargos.

Away is available starting May 8, just in time for the summer travel season. Customers can choose between unlimited data for $160 a month with AutoPay or 200 gigabytes of data for $110 a month with AutoPay.

The Un-carrier Difference

5G Internet at T-Mobile uses the power of the Un-carrier’s 5G network, the largest, fastest and most awarded 5G network in the U.S. And it keeps getting better.

T-Mobile launched its 5G Home Internet service nationwide in 2021, and customers have flocked to the service ever since, making T-Mobile the fastest growing home internet provider in the U.S. And it’s no wonder they’re making the switch —  internet customers are some of the unhappiest around, ranking ISPs dead last in customer satisfaction and even coming in below airlines and health insurance providers. But T-Mobile is flipping the script on internet customer satisfaction, because putting customers first is in T-Mobile’s DNA. A recent study even found that T-Mobile 5G Home Internet customers are overall happier than traditional cable internet customers. 

Starting April 26, visit for more information on Home Internet Plus and to see if it’s available at your address. Visit starting May 8 for more information on Away.

Also check out T-Mobile travel benefits, information about our 5G network and an updated coverage map.

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Si hay congestión, los clientes de estos planes pueden notar velocidades más bajas que otros clientes e incluso más bajas si usan más de 1.2 TB al mes, debido a la priorización de datos. For Away, expected speeds will provide video streaming at HD quality in most areas. Plus not available in all areas; Away available across T-Mobile 4G and 5G networks with no off-net roaming. Plus for in-home use at location provided at activation; Away not for extended use in the same location. $35 device connection charge due at sale. Los cargos normativos están incluidos en el precio mensual para cuentas elegibles. AutoPay Pricing for lines 1-8 on account; requires bank account or debit card, otherwise $5 more/line/mo. Price Lock guarantees accounts with qualifying service can keep their regular monthly rate plan price for new lines of fixed-wireless internet data; excludes taxes/fees, select limited-time promotions, per-use charges, third-party services, devices, and network management practices. T-Mobile pagará el último cargo de servicio mensual recurrente si le subimos la tarifa y nos comunica que se da de baja en el plazo de 60 días. Detalles sobre dispositivo 5G, cobertura y acceso en

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