The Power of Appreciation: Taking Customer Loyalty to the Next Level

By Mike Sievert, CEO of T-MobileFebruary 13, 2024

You join your favorite brand's "Insider Club," download the app and start racking up points toward that one thing you've been eyeing for months. Only then you discover the points you worked so hard to earn mysteriously aren't enough, because the goal posts have been moved.

No one wants to deal with that BS, but many of us can relate because we’ve been there. The thing is, most companies tend to screw up customer loyalty. They’re either scaling back rewards, making them difficult to use, or cutting them completely. And get this: Deloitte has found that more than half of consumers have joined paid loyalty programs that require people to PAY to get rewarded — that’s so backward!

At T-Mobile, we love GOOD surprises. Week after week, we delight our customers with free stuff, discounts and experiences simply as a way to thank them. In fact, we're celebrating ONE BILLION CUSTOMER THANKINGS with the groundbreaking T-Mobile Tuesdays program we launched in 2016 - a big milestone. It's amazing to think that customers have claimed FREE or discounted food, movies, gas, trips and so much more, over 1 billion times! We think being a member of the T-Mobile family is pretty sweet, and it's extra cool when we hear things like this from our customers: "I look forward to every Tuesday to see what wonderful things await me for a great week ahead!"

Last week, we announced that we’re taking our history of thanking customers and upping our game. That’s why we just launched Magenta Status, a big move to give VIP treatment to ALL our customers. We’re talking meaningful and valuable privileges people will actually use, including an EXCLUSIVE 15% off discount at 22 popular hotel brands around the world operated by Hilton; an exclusive rental car benefit from Dollar that lets you actually return a car on “empty" (solving one of the most irritating parts of any trip); monthly movie tickets to top films for just $5; and big discounts and perks at some of the hottest entertainment venues. This is on top of the incredible perks T-Mobile customers already enjoy like free streaming services and in-flight Wi-Fi.

To tie up everything into one convenient package, we also have a brand-new T Life app where people can easily track and manage all these benefits and services, including the ongoing thankings we'll continue to offer customers every week with T-Mobile Tuesdays. Even better, we're going to keep expanding the capabilities within T Life to make it simpler than ever to be our customer.

Times have changed, and customers’ expectations have, too. But the Un-carrier has and will always believe that our success hinges on our ability to make customers happy, whether that’s in the form of a free taco, speedy entry to a concert or the fastest 5G. We’re here for our customers in these everyday moments and in the big cultural ones they care about, too — like the big game this past weekend. (By the way, don’t miss our THREE commercials that aired during the game: Magenta Status and T-Mobile Home Internet, plus Metro by T-Mobile’s first spot!)

When customers join T-Mobile, we do all we can to earn their business for LIFE, and Magenta Status and T Life are the start of something special as we connect them to their world in new ways. We won't stop showing up as a brand that meets customers where they are, thanks them for being there, and provides benefits that genuinely matter to them. They chose us, and we will keep thanking them for that - today and every day.