En otoño pasará algo importante en T_Mobile. Te contamos por qué.

By Mike SievertSeptember 18, 2014

This fall is shaping up to be of huge, historic proportions for T-Mobile. A bunch of the most highly anticipated devices ever are launching. And there’s more to come.

This summer, Morgan Stanley reported that a full 33% of U.S. wireless customers are likely or somewhat likely to switch carriers this year. And guess whose customers are least likely to switch? That’s right. Of the four major national providers, their research suggests our customers are least likely to change providers. This fall is going to be a huge season for switching to the Un-carrier as this wave of new devices rolls out. Which is exactly what we’re starting to see.

Customers are choosing T-Mobile for our unmatched value, unrivalled customer care, Data Strong™ network, and industry-rocking Un-carrier™ innovations − like no annual service contracts or ETFs, no upgrade wait, no crazy limits or domestic overages with our Simple Choice plan. And because they see we’re changing wireless in America for the better. That’s reason enough to choose the Un-carrier. But − on the off chance you need more persuading − here are my own Top 5 reasons why T-Mobile is really the only place to grab the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



The simple truth is that prices for the new phones are pretty much the same everywhere you go. So the real difference in your actual cost boils down to how much you get when you trade in your old device. Last week, we announced our “Best Trade-In Value Guarantee” just to erase any doubt whatsoever that we will always beat the best offers from the big guys. Always. And, if you do spot a better deal from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon within 7 days of your trade-in, we’ll beat it, credit you the difference, and even give you $50 for letting us know. Check it out.



It’s a fact. People who use the most data use T-Mobile. Why? Our Data Strong network was purpose-built to serve up massive data on America’s fastest nationwide LTE network. A recent study of more than 1 billion users worldwide, found that T-Mobile has the fastest performance for iOS apps in the US. And, of course, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were designed to feast on data. It’s also a fact that the bigger the device you have, the more data you’ll tend to use. So for the bigger iPhone 6 and even bigger iPhone 6, you’re gonna want your data fast, fresh and unlimited. With more network capacity per customer than any of the old carriers − and with our Data Strong network − you’ve got nothing but wide open road to surf, stream, shop, FaceTime and Facebook at the speed of T-Mobile LTE.


Based on Q2 2014 smartphone postpaid data use.



Now you can get the iPhone 6 for $0 down (and 24 monthly payments) and get our best deal for families when you switch the family to T-Mobile. That’s four smartphone lines with unlimited data, talk and text − now with up to 2.5GB of high-speed LTE every month for every line until 2016. Add more lines for just $10 more a month per line − up to 10 lines. As always, we’ll pay off every penny of your old carrier’s ETFs when you come to the Un-carrier. And the family’s going to love Un-carrier innovations like Simple Global, which makes the world your network at no extra charge, and Music Freedom, which lets you stream all the music you want from the top music services − including iTunes Radio and more − without burning your LTE data. That’s only the start.



Just last week, we unleashed Wi-Fi − turning every available Wi-Fi connection in the world into a T-Mobile tower. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are two of the first Apple devices to fully support this advanced Wi-Fi functionality − so you can call and text over Wi?Fi using your own phone number. And, with your free T-Mobile Personal CellSpot and a broadband connection, it’s like having a T-Mobile tower wherever you want it. You can even SMS, MMS and get visual voicemail on your Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone while in-flight on any Gogo-equipped U.S. airline – for free. Which means that − from your basement, to the airport, to your flight, to your room in London − only T-Mobile’s got you covered beyond the reach of any carrier network.



The schemes the carriers are spinning make me cringe. I mean, we have to share an industry with these guys. Last week, Verizon offered a "free iPhone" when you trade in your old iPhone to offset the subsidized iPhone 6 on-contract price of $199. The gotcha is that your old iPhone may be worth a LOT more than $199. Our own current trade-in price for an eligible iPhone 5s is $350. Sprint rolled out yet another confusing plan - its third in less than a week - and this time took a page out of the subsidy playbook. Only this time the subsidy language is even more restrictive: with the iPhone for Life Plan there's no upgrade, no insurance included (without insurance you pay the rest of the lease payments + you have to buy it if you break it) - and it's still not yours to keep after the two years is up. What a deal! And, of course, AT&T continues its ad blitz to lure you in and lock you down. Come in for its "Best Family Pricing Ever" (LOL), then watch as they gouge you with overages, bigger and more expensive data buckets for the family, and all the rest. That's not how we do business.

The Un-carrier revolution is real - and building momentum. Americans see that. They see we believe in delivering straightforward value, amazing customer care, and a Data Strong network second to none. And we're willing to tear up the old rule book to do it. So, to experience the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in all their state-of-the-art glory, it really is a simple choice. At T-Mobile, we're committed to changing wireless for the better. And Americans are voting for the change we're offering.

Device Pricing for well-qualified customers. iPhone 6 $0 down + $ $27.08  x 24 months. Si se cancela el servicio móvil, deberá pagarse el saldo restante del equipo. Total $649.92.  0% APR OAC. Taxes & fees addit'l. See T-Mobile.com for offer and pricing details.