Ready, Set, Go! Create the Perfect Back-to-School Routine for Your Child with the SyncUP KIDS Watch

By Liz Habersham, T-Mobile StoriesJuly 28, 2023

We all know what it's like to feel that summer slump before a new school year. With the SyncUP KIDS Watch, you and your child can work together to create productive habits to ensure that they feel great about time management.

Ready to learn more about how the SyncUP KIDS Watch can level up you and your child's routine during the year? Here's a guide outlining how the SyncUP KIDS Watch can be your best companion in creating a routine that balances learning and play, helping you and your child get ready for the school year ahead.

Morning: Get Ready for a Great Day

Looks like you've found yourself caught in the middle of a typical busy morning. While you're juggling tasks like getting the kids ready for school and setting your own day up for success, you sometimes feel like you need another pair of hands.

Here’s where a few of the SyncUP KIDS Watch features can come in handy:

  • The watch’s comprehensive task management capabilities allow you to prepare your child for each day and seamlessly guide them through their daily activities. With tasks, reminders and notifications at their fingertips, your child will have a personalized “virtual buddy” to support them throughout the day. Motivate your child with personalized "reward messages" tailored to their preferences. These heartfelt words of encouragement will be displayed upon the completion of each task, creating a positive and rewarding experience for your little one.
  • You’ll also be happy to know that the device is adventure-ready! Sometimes the morning can be full of surprises — we’re talking spills and messes that can sometimes throw off our routines. This watch is splash-friendly, water-resistant and has a built-in screen protector that allows it to travel with your child throughout the expected and unexpected parts of the morning without worry. Once they’re ready to be sent on their way, the watch’s all-day battery will make sure that their routine and reminders are with them throughout the day. And we can’t forget about the step tracker and daily step goals! These features encourage your child to be more active and can give you daily, weekly, and monthly updates on their progress.

Afternoon: Work, Play, Learn!

The afternoon is possibly the most varied part of the day, as you never know what adventures await you and your child. From appointments, field trips and more, you might find that the afternoon sometimes brings you together, but when they're back at school and you're focused on your day, it would be nice to have that extra level of connection while they're away.

Feature time!

  • Feel connected with your child’s ability to call, text and send voice or video messages to any number of guardian-approved contacts. While you’re running errands or working throughout the day, it’s great knowing that your child is just a call away, and there’s comfort in knowing that you have a say in who else your child is messaging. You can also create up to 10 pre-set text messages that your child can send you with one tap.
  • If your kids are headed off on a far-away adventure, the watch allows you to be aware of their location with features such as real-time location-tracking and virtual boundary alerts. Let’s say your child wanders a little too far from the playground, the watch will send you an alert so you can make sure that their adventures keep them nearby. Coupled with apps like T-Mobile's FamilyMode, the watch offers you a way to feel more involved in your child's day even when you aren't together.
  • If your child ever needs to get a hold of you or another loved one urgently, the SyncUP KIDS Watch’s safety features like SOS/Help allow access to pre-set emergency contacts and emergency services like 911 just in case. We know the safety and privacy of your child is always top of mind, and we honor that by ensuring that the SyncUP KIDS Watch is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • Overall, this watch is one that is parent-controlled and works as a digital parenting assistant with features like the “school mode setting” to promote better focus in the classroom — all while keeping key safety features on. Granular parental controls also allow you to monitor calls and messages and customize access to various features.

Evening and Bedtime: Time to Unwind

It’s time to close out the chapter of another fun and productive day. As the sun goes down, you’re likely focusing on dinnertime, homework, and wrapping up any remaining tasks in your own routine. This is a time of the day that’s great for reflecting, relaxing and making any preparations that you need for the next day. Those task management features we mentioned earlier can come in handy here, too, as you think about waking up early tomorrow, setting out clothes and lunches, and whatever else might await you and your child during tomorrow’s adventures.

  • This is when your child can enjoy some fun engaging content that’s built into the watch. This watch has cute characters and interactive games that can be fun way to engage them in their down time during activities throughout or at the end of each day.
  • Before you and your child tuck into bed for the night, you can both enjoy a few of those shared moments that your child was able to capture throughout the day. The watch includes a 5MP camera that will allow you to relive some of the highlights of your child’s fun-filled day, just before you get ready for the next one.

Para la mayoría de las funciones, se requiere servicio elegible, app, al menos una línea de voz aparte y un smartphone compatible. La información de ubicación es aproximada y es posible que no siempre esté disponible. Diseñado para ser usado por un niño y monitoreado por los padres o tutores legales; debe utilizarse según el uso previsto y solo con fines legítimos.